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Smarter Student Medical Records

Know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.


Deliver a better duty of care

Schools collect student medical forms to help them respond correctly in an emergency. Unfortunately, paper medical forms have limitations in terms of what is collected, as well as how accessible those forms are when the need arises. CareMonkey ensures staff are better prepared, with smarter online student medical records that are also available offline on mobile devices.

Better student medical records

Paper medical forms have limitations. They can’t ask everything. They generally don’t ask enough. And parents are sick of writing the same answers to the same questions over and over again. CareMonkey allows you to collect unlimited emergency and medical contacts. Staff will know what to do and who to call and can share key information with paramedics including blood type, and whether the parents object to paracetamol or blood transfusions. Staff will know what medical conditions students have, and don’t have. And they’ll have personalized care instructions (e.g. allergy and asthma action plans) for every student ensuring they are completely prepared.

Access to Student Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Parents can add unlimited emergency contacts.

Access to Student Medical Contacts

Medical Contacts

Parents can add any useful medical contacts.

Student Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Know what medical conditions each student has, and doesn’t have.

Student Medical Instructions

Personalized Instructions

Parents provide useful information for each condition.

Student Action Plans

Official Action Plans

Attach allergy action plan, asthma action plan, etc

Signed Parental Consent

Signed Consent

Schools and staff are confident consent is given for medical treatment.

Automated Medical Reminders

Student Medical Records
Automatically kept up-to-date

Medical forms can be time consuming to complete, particularly if a student has multiple serious medical conditions. Parents are sick of writing the same answers to the same questions. Administrators have to interpret parent handwriting and manually enter medical information into other systems. And if medical or emergency contacts change, schools rely on parents to pro-actively notify them, which doesn’t always happen. CareMonkey makes collecting medical records easier for everyone. Parents complete a comprehensive medical record once, then confirm it is still up-to-date every time they are asked to go on an excursion. Periodic reminders are also set at a frequency you choose (e.g. every 3 month, 6 months, etc) to ensure medical and emergency information is kept fresh.

Instant Access Anywhere (even offline)

Staff need secure access to medical records in an emergency. Locking medical records in a filing cabinet is not a solution. It is also unreasonable to expect every staff member keep a paper copy in their hand. CareMonkey medical data is accessible on any platform and any device. The CareMonkey App allows staff to access student medical records offline, for when excursions take them off the grid. It is the best way to ensure staff will know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell ambulance paramedics. 

CareMonkey Instant Access

Instant Access

Give staff access to emergency contacts and medical profiles.

CareMonkey Offline Access

Offline Capability

Access emergency information, even when excursions take you off the grid.

Mobile Injury Reporting

Log injuries and incidents as they happen

Report incidents without delay, rather than relying on memory when you get back to your desk. CareMonkey allows you to document injuries or faulty equipment with the ability to add photos, with more accurate information sent directly to HQ. Immediate documentation can help you streamline insurance claims, and better analyse how and why incidents occur.

Keep sensitive information private

Paper forms are a security risk. They can be lost, stolen, or read by anyone. CareMonkey ensures only authorised staff can access sensitive information, and when they do it is tracked for better governance and auditability.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Password, code or fingerprint protection ensures only authorized staff can access sensitive information. And when they do, it’s tracked and available in an audit trail.

CareMonkey Reporting

Track Everything

CareMonkey tracks everything. See updates, every log-in, and who accessed data.

Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification

Optional additional protection to prevent anyone guessing your password.

What’s 2-Step Verification?

The Smartest Student Medical Record

CareMonkey’s online medical record is designed to make your life easier. 

Collect Online Consent Forms

Online Consent Forms

Connect Medical Records with your online consent forms.

Show me online consent forms

Field Trip Management

Excursion Management

End-to-end platform for Field Trip Management.

Show me Field Trip Management


Automated Notifications

Receive alerts when medical and emergency contact data changes.

Group Students

Manage and Group Students

Organise students into groups such as classes, sports teams, medical conditions, and excursions.

Manage Events

Manage Events

View upcoming events and add to your calendar.

Group Messaging

Send Group Messages

Send SMS or email messages to the groups, or individual parents, guardians and colleagues.


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