Mobile Health, Safety and Injury Reporting Solution

CareMonkey for Sports is a mobile health and safety solution that gives authorised team officials instant access to important medical and emergency contact details when an incident or injury occurs. CareMonkey is used by sporting organisations at national, state, league, and club levels, including football, basketball, netball, swimming, weightlifting, and many more.

Know exactly what to do in an emergency

Collect players medical and emergency information
CareMonkey automatically collects important player information so you don’t have to.

Respond to incidents faster
Coaches, trainers and team officials are one button away from knowing who to call, what to do, or what to tell a paramedic.

Offline Capability
Access emergency information, even when you are offline.

Eliminate paper medical and consent forms

Go paperless
CareMonkey streamlines the process of collecting medical, consent and code of conduct forms, saving everyone time and hassle!

Make life easier for team administrators
CareMonkey eliminates the hassle of sending, chasing and filing paperwork for every player.

Automated reminders
CareMonkey automatically follows up missing forms and information. Once the forms have been responded to, the notifications stop.

Mobile incident reporting

Log injuries as they happen
Injuries can be documented on your phone with the ability to attach photos, so you don’t have to rely on your memory.

Generate injury reports
CareMonkey’s injury database helps you analyse how and why injuries occur, so coaches and officials can identify patterns and trends.

Keep everyone in the know

Send group messages
Conveniently communicate to players, coaches and team officials.
(e.g. ‘training is now at 6:30pm’).

Email and SMS Alerts
Not everyone logs into their email. CareMonkey lets you choose the best way to message individuals or groups.

Rock Solid Security

More secure than paper forms
Password, code or fingerprint protected.

Keep sensitive information private
Only authorised staff can access sensitive information, and when they do it’s tracked.

A better way to collect, retain and access data
Automatically archive every change ever made for better governance and auditability.

See how CareMonkey works for sports organisations

Why Sporting Organisations Love CareMonkey

“The automatic collection of information, made it so easy and the in-built reminder emails did the chasing for me – it saved me so much time. The ability to then share the team participant data with coaches and team officials was incredibly well received. The coaches absolutely loved the ease and practical application of the system, knowing they were prepared and had all their participants’ information on their smartphones if they needed it. Fortunately we had no injuries, but felt better knowing any risk was covered. Overall I thought the system was outstanding.”
Tara Steel, Sport Resources Manager, Touch Football Australia
“CareMonkey has made it so much easier for our medical staff. Now we do not have to worry if we have the right medical information with us for certain teams. The app is a godsend!”
Kevin Beard, Secretary, Happy Valley Football Club
“CareMonkey gives us an incredible ability to have important medical information instantly available on a mobile device as and when it is required. Last season one of our players sustained a significant injury during an away game, which highlighted just how important it is to be ready for an emergency at any time. Obviously the security of the information was a critical part of our requirements, and CareMonkey meets those with ease.”
Steve Blunt, Victorian Seals, President
“CareMonkey is a significant development in managing workplace Health and Safety and gives me the confidence to know that the Health and Medical information of staff is at hand in case of an emergency.”
David Huxtable, Manager, Basketball Victoria Country
“CareMonkey assists our team managers in communicating and keeping confidential medical forms on all portable devices with the added benefit of being able to use it and access data offline.”
Chris Harrison, CEO, Waterpolo Australia
“It made sense to give the coaches immediate up to date medical and contact information for their athletes without having to print and carry private information.”
Kirsty Veliades, Squad & Club Coordinator, Nunawading Swimming Club