The Platform for Medical Records and School Forms


CareMonkey helps schools and districts eliminate school forms, while helping staff carers know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.

Eliminate paper forms forever

Go paperless
Collecting permission and consent forms for every student and every excursion is time consuming. CareMonkey streamlines the entire process, saving everyone time and hassle. Parents and guardians love it too!

Make life easier for teachers
Teachers have better things to do than send, chase and file paperwork for every excursion and student. Make organising events easy and carrying paperwork everywhere a thing of the past.

Automated reminders
CareMonkey automatically follows up missing forms and information, so you don’t have to.

Know exactly what to do in an emergency

Automatically collect emergency information
Collect up-to-date medical and emergency information from parents and guardians.

Instant access for teachers in an emergency
Teachers and carers are only one button away from knowing who to call, what to do, or what to tell an ambulance paramedic.

Offline Capability
Access emergency information, even when school excursions take you off the grid.

Mobile incident reporting

Log incidents as they happen
Report incidents without delay, rather than relying on memory. Document injuries or faulty equipment with the ability to add photos, and send accurate information straight to HQ.

Generate incident reports
CareMonkey’s incident database helps you analyse how and why incidents occur and helps streamline insurance claims.

Keep everyone in the know

Send group messages
Conveniently communicate to parents, guardians and colleagues.
(e.g. ‘the bus is running late’)

Email and SMS Alerts
Not everyone logs into their email. CareMonkey lets you choose the best way to message individuals or groups.

An easier way to collect payments for excursions

Collect payments faster
Send bulk payment requests to your entire group and get paid sooner.

Save yourself the hassle
No more cross-checking bank statements with spreadsheets to see who paid.  CareMonkey tells you who has paid, and automatically sends reminders for outstanding fees.

Try it and you’ll never go back
No joining fee, no monthly fees, no equipment costs and a flat low rate. Debit and credit card accepted.

Rock Solid Security

More secure than paper forms
Password, code or fingerprint protected.

Keep sensitive information private
Only authorised staff can access sensitive information, and when they do it’s tracked.

A better way to collect, retain and access data
Automatically archive every change ever made for better governance and auditability.

Connect Your School District

Group Hierarchy 
CareMonkey supports multiple hierarchies, making it easy for districts to set-up and report.

Got Clever? Go Paperless with CareMonkey
With just a few clicks, your entire school district can start using CareMonkey. Data is automatically synchronized via Clever with Single Sign On.
Learn more about Clever and CareMonkey partnership

Sync your Student Administration System

Clever Auto Sync

  • Aeries
  • ADAM
  • Aspen (x2)
  • Classe365
  • Edupoint Synergy
  • eSchoolData
  • eSchoolPlus
  • FastDirect
  • Focus SIS
  • Genius
  • go.edustar
  • Harmony
  • Illuminate
  • Infinite Campus
  • iNow by Chalkable (formerly STI)
  • Jupitor
  • iO
  • JMC
  • Lumen AXSIS
  • MIStar
  • MMS
  • OnCourse Systems
  • PowerSchool
  • Q
  • RDS
  • Realtime Inc
  • Rediker
  • RenWeb
  • SAM Spectra
  • SchoolBrains
  • iPass
  • SchoolInsight
  • SchoolSpeak
  • School Time
  • Skyward
  • Sycamore School
  • TxEIS
  • Tyler Schoolmaster

CareMonkey Auto Sync

  • Tribal SchoolEdge (SAS2000)
  • Synergetic
  • EBS (via School Bytes)

WONDE Auto Sync

  • SIMS
  • Arbor
  • Bromcom
  • CMIS
  • Engage
  • iSAMS
  • Progresso
  • Pupil Asset
  • RM Integris
  • ScholarPack
  • WCBS

See how CareMonkey works for schools, teachers and parents

Why people love CareMonkey

“I am officially in the CareMonkey fan club!”

“CareMonkey was a huge help yesterday with my incident in the city. I was able to give the triple zero triage team the information at the touch of a button and the ambulance officers were both amazed and grateful to find that everything they needed in one handy place.”

Stacey Gwilym, Classroom Teacher, Mentone Grammar School
“CareMonkey has been brilliant for our trips. We have many varied trips abroad and within the UK throughout the year. It is easy for parents to set up and manage their child’s profile. We can keep a record of passports against the profile. It has saved us on paperwork and it’s quick and effective for trip consents. Running reports is simple. Having offline access is perfect meaning staff have the information on hand wherever they are.”
Sally Yarnton, Senior Academic Administrator, Wellington College, United Kingdom
Creek Street Christian College
“CareMonkey is the best thing! It used to worry me that we didn’t have up to date medical and emergency information, but now CareMonkey puts the responsibility on the parents to update the information and automatically chases them up to do it.”
Jenni Caldwell, Principal, Creek Street Christian College
“CareMonkey reduces paperwork and makes the tracking of children’s needs very easy. Parents can give permission easily from anywhere and teachers can access children’s data online. Teachers enjoy having access to children’s information, anywhere, anytime.”
Nic McTaggart, Principal, St Joseph’s School Quarry Hill
“When I have important information – like a date change or alteration to an excursion, I always use the CareMonkey email system. I love it!”
Belinda Jacoby, Administration Officer, Balcombe Grammar
“I love the Caremonkey platform!

CareMonkey is the ultimate emergency medical management tool for schools, athletic clubs, and personal use. Parents can instantly update their child’s medical and contact information. Coaches can quickly complete, compile, report, track and share injuries.

Teachers can collect permission for field trips and sports excursions. Administrators are confident their staff and caregivers have the information they need on the go or in the classroom.”

Greg Sawatzky, K-8 Physical Education & Activities Coordinator, Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan
“We’ve used CareMonkey at St Peter Apostle Primary School for about 2 years now, and as a classroom teacher I love it! I always have instant access to my students medical and contact details when I’m on excursions, even when offline. In terms of permission notes, it’s quick and easy – we often get responses from parents before the kids have even left school. CareMonkey makes it easy to see who has volunteered to help out on trips and whether or not they have a WWCC, and if for whatever reason parents need to change their replies, that can be done easily as well.”
Karen Clarke, Year 3/4 Learning Leader and Mathematics Teacher, St Peter Apostle Primary School
Esperance Anglican Community School
“We are now able to easily communicate to parents about upcoming events and camps. CareMonkey is a great program for communication, as paper based notes doesn’t always make their way home to parents.”
Michelle Fissioli, Administrator, Esperance Anglican Community School
“We have recently introduced CareMonkey and have been very impressed with the training and support provided. It is refreshing to have a system which is so intuitive and training staff is very straightforward”.
Andrew Dimberline, Assistant Head, Bristol Grammar School, United Kingdom
“Parents love it! They simply respond within 24 hours rather than admin staff chasing up forms.”
Simon Collis, Principal, St Joseph’s Primary School
Victory Christian College
“Hi, What a great thing!! Love their option to copy details: beats writing it on what feels like countless forms!! Yay to whoever found this service”.
Happy parent, Email to staff from a parent at Victory Christian College
“We love CareMonkey here at St Agnes. Paperless is the way to go. We would not go back to the traditional paper notes!”
Andrew Butler, St Agnes Primary School, Highett
“I’m a total advocate for CareMonkey.”

“My daughter’s school is in its first year of use and so glad they decided on your service. Easy, efficient, and green!”

Jenny Lombard, Parent, Mentone Girls Grammar
“Because the teacher had my phone number in the CareMonkey App on her smartphone, she was talking to me seconds after the incident occurred. As shattering and frightening as it was, it meant I was part of what was unfolding and knew what they were doing with my son.”
Karlie Jackett-Simpson, Parent, St Finbar’s Primary School
“Last week on a Year 6 excursion to the Icehouse, a student hit his head on the ice and was unconscious for around 6-8 minutes. An ambulance was called to respond to the incident and when ambulance paramedics asked for his medical details, the teacher produced the CareMonkey App on her phone.”
Yvette Porter, School Administrator, St Finbar’s Primary School
“Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents. CareMonkey is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!”
Dr Christopher Marczak, Superintendent , Maury County School District, United States
“CareMonkey has been life changing, and I’m not exaggerating when I say life changing! It has taken out all the anxiety of chasing up forms from parents. As a drama teacher, my class goes on numerous excursions. In the past, it drove me crazy to get responses from parents. With CareMonkey, it’s so easy!”
Catherine Dillion, Principal, Mount St Joseph Girls’ College
John Toulantas - St Catherine's School, Toorak
“It was an easy decision and natural progression to move our paper based processes online.

The immediate benefit for the School was having the most up-to-date medical profiles of our students. Rather than an annual ‘paper-based’ and laborious mail out process, we now have regular updates and changes acknowledged and confirmed by parents for each excursion / incursion or event attended to by our students. This critical information required to provide the best care of students is more reliable than ever.

The smart phone App saves on paper, weight and more importantly enables greater security to sensitive and personal student information. Access to medical profiles is controlled and managed with ease, protecting the privacy of our school community.”

John Toulantas, ICT Manager, St Catherine's School, Toorak
“I was most impressed by the hands on level of customer support in setting up this program. The accessibility and simplicity of this program makes it ideal for our school setting. A most practical and brilliant idea!”
Chris Burn, Deputy Principal, Star of the Sea College
“As a busy Mum of four kids who can all be in different places at once, CareMonkey is a fantastic tool! Knowing my children’s educators, sports coaches and emergency personnel all have important medical information about our family at their fingertips is a weight off my mind.”
Liz Dundas-Smith, Client Administration, Orbis Wealth Management
Mick from St Jude's
“Last year we had an incident where a girl had an anaphylactic reaction. CareMonkey was available to help our staff administer the epipen, and when the ambulance arrived we were able to bring up a comprehensive medical profile including emergency health information, medical conditions, and the students allergy action plan. CareMonkey helps our school be better prepared with this information available in the event of an emergency.”
Mick Kerin, Principal, St Jude’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Langwarrin


Learn how CareMonkey keeps student information Private and Secure

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