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Introducing CareMonkey for Schools

Watch this video to see how CareMonkey helps schools to automate the collection of forms, keep important emergency contact and medical information up-to-date, distribute it to the correct staff members and manage field trips.

Length: 17 min 25 sec

Managing Excursions Without Paperwork

Excursions can be a fun way for students to learn outside the school settings. But they can be time consuming, and a real hassle to organise. Discover the best practices for preparing and supervising excursions without the pain of paper forms.

Length: 47 min 26 sec

Medical & Consent Form Best Practices

Millions of medical and consent forms are sent home to parents every year. These forms play an important role in helping schools and other organisations deliver on their duty of care requirements. This webinar covers the 10 Best Practices for creating, collecting and managing medical and consent forms, including what should be included in medical and consent form templates.

Length: 50 min 52 sec

Medical Data for Schools Best Practices

Every school has a duty of care. So do your staff know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics in an emergency? This On-Demand Webinar covers the 5 best practices for managing private and sensitive medical data at schools. 

Length: 27 min 58 sec

GDPR: Managing Student Data for Schools

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 2018. Is your school ready? In this webinar we cover the key GDPR principles, why paper makes GDPR compliance difficult, 6 key questions to help your school demonstrate GDPR compliance.

Length: 34 min 58 sec

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