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With recent NYCDOE guidelines, all NYC schools must register their Pre K and Kindergarten students virtually –  CareMonkey has automated all of these registration forms for NYC Schools, making it easy to pre-register students for the next school year.

There’s no double handling or manually entering data, no need to manually send emails or set up Google Forms. 

CareMonkey delivers all these forms to the parent’s mobile device and converts them to the parent’s home language. When completed, the forms are automatically converted to the official NYCDOE PDF version; giving you copies of all the official forms on file.

CareMonkey has all of your onboarding forms available as easy to use digital templates, including:

  • Student Registration Form
  • Emergency Contact Card (Blue Card)
  • Home Language Identification Survey
  • Proof of Age
  • Proof of Residency
  • Immunization Record
  • Ethnic Race Identification
  • Housing Questionnaire
  • Health Examination Form

  • Non-Parent Affidavit
  • Parent Affidavit
  • Parent Affidavit of Residency
  • Multilingual Learners Parent Survey and Program Agreement Form
  • ATS Admission Form
  • Third Party Statement of Residency
  • MLL ELL Entitlement / Parent Notification Letters
  • NYC New Kindergarten Admit Questionnaire

Digital forms for parents

Automatically send your registration documentation to families to complete online, on any device…in the language of their choice!

It’s easy for parents to provide all required data, including digital signatures.

Parents can use the camera on their device to submit birth certificates and proof of residency documentation, making it simple to provide any type of information required by the school.

Automated Reminders

Let CareMonkey do the tracking work. The system will keep in touch with parents who have not submitted their forms.

Automated reminders set for each form alert your parents that they still have something to do.

Forget about the hassle of following up missing forms and information, CareMonkey does the work for you.

Digital Filing Cabinet

All of the pre-registration forms collected via CareMonkey are neatly stored in a digital filing cabinet for each student.

All forms are searchable, making your student data easily accessible by your administration team.

Post-registration, other forms used by the school (such as consent forms) are also stored in the digital filing cabinet, giving you one place to find all forms for that student for the entire time they’re at your school.

Print in DOE format

All CareMonkey Pre-Registration forms can be viewed and printed in the format provided by the DOE.

Export data to a spreadsheet, print a PDF, view online, search the digital filing cabinet…your data is only a click away.

How We’ve Helped

See how Elias Berstein Intermediate School 7 has automated onboarding and provided equity and access, increasing student and parent participation:

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