Integrate with CareMonkey

CareMonkey has a number of options to enable automated sharing and manipulation of data.

Pre-built Integrations

Read-only integrations

Keep CareMonkey in sync with your administration systems. For example, a read only integration with a student information system will automatically keep students, classes and staff in CareMonkey, in sync with the student information system.  

Read/Write integrations

Write back data collected by the CareMonkey system into the administration system. For example, medical data entered by parents into CareMonkey is automatically written back into your administration systems.

United States (read-only via Clever)

  • Aeries
  • ADAM
  • Aspen (x2)
  • Classe365
  • Edupoint Synergy
  • eSchoolData
  • eSchoolPlus
  • FastDirect
  • Focus SIS
  • Genius
  • go.edustar
  • Harmony
  • Illuminate
  • Infinite Campus
  • iNow by Chalkable (formerly STI)
  • iPass
  • iO
  • IO Classroom (via SyncMonkey)
  • Jupitor
  • JMC
  • Lumen AXSIS
  • MIStar
  • MMS
  • OnCourse Systems
  • PowerSchool
  • Q
  • RDS
  • Realtime Inc
  • Rediker
  • RenWeb
  • SAM Spectra
  • SchoolBrains
  • SchoolInsight
  • SchoolSpeak
  • School Time
  • Skyward
  • Sycamore School
  • TxEIS
  • Tyler Schoolmaster

United Kingdom

  • SIMS (read/write)
  • iSAMS (read-only via Wonde)
  • Arbor (read-only via Wonde)
  • RM Integris (read-only via Wonde)
  • ScholarPack (read-only via Wonde)
  • Bromcon (read-only via Wonde)
  • engage (read-only via Wonde)
  • progresso (read-only via Wonde)
  • WCBS (read-only via Wonde)
  • CMIS (read-only via Wonde)
  • Pupil Asset (read-only via Wonde)
  • schoolpod (read-only via Wonde)
  • Furlong (read-only via Wonde)


  • Tribal SchoolEdge & SAS2000 (read/write)
  • Synergetic (read/write)
  • EBS via School Bytes (read-only)
  • TASS (read-only via Wonde)
  • School Pro (read-only via Wonde)
  • PCSchool (read-only via Wonde)
  • Civica-CES (read-only via Wonde)
  • Sentral (read-only via Wonde)
  • Sentral LISS (read-only via Wonde)
  • NSW 3PI (read-only via Wonde)
  • Edumate (read-only via Wonde)
  • Maze (read-only via Wonde)

Connect Your School District

Group Hierarchy 
CareMonkey supports multiple hierarchies, making it easy for districts to set-up and report.

Got Clever? Go Paperless with CareMonkey
With just a few clicks, your entire school district can start using CareMonkey. Data is automatically synchronized via Clever with Single Sign On.

Learn more about Clever and CareMonkey partnership

Custom Built Integrations

CareMonkey offers a fully functional API to manipulate data and functions in CareMonkey and enable development of custom integrations to any other system. Developers can use the CareMonkey API to read data from CareMonkey and update any other system.

View CareMonkey API interactive documentation

Import and Export via Spreadsheets

Over half our customers use a manual sync to run CareMonkey in a stand-alone mode. CareMonkey allows import of data via spreadsheets and avoids duplication during the process. The import will only create new profiles, groups and staff members and will ignore duplicate data from previous imports. 

Export care profile data, contact data, injury report data, roll call data and responses to eForms with the touch of a button.

Manual Synchronization

CareMonkey tracks every change to data for manual updating of other systems.

Run our sync report and see what data needs updating in a convenient to-do list.