Eliminate paperwork and reduce risks

CareMonkey is a mobile health and safety solution that helps universities, colleges and other higher education institutions eliminate paper forms and reduce risks in an emergency. Discover how CareMonkey makes life easier students, teachers and administrators.

Know how to respond in an emergency

Collect emergency information
Automatically collect, store and view up-to-date staff and emergency medical information.

Instant access to life saving information
Give authorised staff access to emergency student information, so they know who to call, what to do, and what to tell ambulance paramedics.

Offline Capability
Access emergency information, even when excursions take you off the grid.

Reduce paper forms

Go paperless
Collecting permission and consent forms for every student and every excursion is time consuming. CareMonkey streamlines the entire process, saving everyone time and hassle. 

Make life easier for everyone
Make organising events easy and carrying paperwork a thing of the past.

Automated reminders
CareMonkey automatically chases up people who forget to complete their forms, so you don’t have to.

Mobile incident reporting

Log incidents as they happen
Report incidents without delay, rather than relying on memory. Document injuries or faulty equipment with the ability to add photos, and send accurate information straight to HQ.

Generate incident reports
CareMonkey’s incident database helps you analyse how and why incidents occur and helps streamline insurance claims.

Keep everyone in the know

Send group messages
Conveniently communicate to parents, guardians and colleagues.
(e.g. ‘Your tutorial has moved rooms’).

Email and SMS Alerts
Not everyone logs into their email. CareMonkey gives you the option to communicate via SMS, email or phone.

An easier way to collect payments for excursions

Collect payments faster
Send payment requests to an entire class and get paid sooner.

Save time and hassle
CareMonkey tells you who has paid, and automatically sends reminders for those who have not.

Try it and you’ll never go back
No joining fee, no monthly fees, no equipment costs and a flat low rate. Debit and credit card accepted.

Keep information safe and private

Safer than paper forms
All data is password, code or fingerprint protected.

A better way to collect, retain and access data
Automatically archive every change ever made for better governance and auditability.

See how CareMonkey works for universities, colleges and other higher education institutions

Why Higher Education Institutions Love CareMonkey

“CareMonkey has enabled our faculty to streamline and reduce the amount of OHS forms and associated paperwork required to support off-campus student activities. We have found it to be an invaluable resource that is reliable, responsive and user-friendly. One of the most useful features for us is having access to the mobile application where staff supervisors can have instant access to student care profiles whilst out in the field. The intuitive reporting capabilities are also used extensively to proactively identify and assist students who have complex medical and dietary requirements.”
Cameron Pettiona | Manager, Campus Operations | Monash University, Education Faculty, Monash University, Education Faculty
“The CareMonkey application has been a useful resource as an OHS and risk management system here at the University. As a live system that is malleable and easy to use, we are able to create medical summaries that are used in urban, rural and remote settings for the safety of all of our staff and students.”
Warwick H Noles | Program Manager | Monash University, Health and Physical Education - Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies Faculty of Education