Extracurricular Activity Management

Organise students, staff and parents by activity, class, team, department, medical conditions and more.

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End-to-end extracurricular activity management

Plan, manage and run your extracurricular activities with confidence, efficiency and peace-of-mind in one seamless end-to-end workflow.

Manage any group of people for any activity

Schools need to manage many different groups. From subsets of students and staff, split across class and faculty lines; to a range of speciality groups — from sports teams, music ensembles, PTA volunteers and many, many more. That’s a lot of different interests to manage.

CareMonkey makes managing all of these groups a breeze. Easily create groups based on set criteria or predefined rules, profile data or responses to past communications.

Drive equity and access with digital forms

Ensure high levels of parental engagement and student participation with CareMonkey. Automate the distribution of any request or form type. Quickly obtain sign-ups, parental consent, preferences, payments and more.

And, automated reminders chase inactive group members for you, delivering high response rates while avoiding the pain of manual follow-ups.

Effortlessly manage more activities, events, people and approval processes with CareMonkey.

Be prepared for emergencies

Student safety is the most important part of any school trip or activity. CareMonkey gives staff and authorized carers instant access to student medical conditions, emergency contacts and personalized care instructions — even when offline.

Assign approved teachers and chaperones to administer groups, enabling them to mark the roll, log incidents or injuries, and access medical information in an emergency via the CareMonkey Mobile App.

Keep everyone informed

Coordinating and informing diverse groups of people is challenging. Easily ensure each person, in each group, is always up-to-date with CareMonkey.

Use searches, filters and manual selection to send targeted messages to specific group members via SMS, email or push notifications.

Even send automated updates to members — with time or data-based triggers — based on set dates, profile information or member actions.

Better risk management

Step away from error-prone paper, manual and disparate systems of data collection, verification and access. Confidently meet risk, compliance and student care obligations for all school activities with CareMonkey.

Digitize, streamline and automate your group, activity and event management processes: From internal planning and approval workflows, risk assessments, submission and validation of medical information, distribution and collection of permission slips, parent communication, reminders, incident reporting and more.

Safeguard information access

Set access permissions to ensure the availability of critical information, protect privacy and facilitate robust auditing.

Seamlessly add or remove staff and students from groups, archive groups and restrict access to member profiles after the completion of events or activities.

And, know that the right people have the right access to the right information with Group Hierarchies — ideal for multi-campus schools, districts and multi-academy trusts.

How We’ve Helped

See how Elias Berstein Intermediate School 7 has automated onboarding and provided equity and access, increasing student and parent participation:

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