Discover why Customers love CareMonkey

“Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents. CareMonkey is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!”
Dr Christopher Marczak, Superintendent , Maury County School District, United States
“We found CareMonkey to be a really, really easy-to-use platform. The Adoption rate from our parents has been really successful. Teachers think it’s so much easier for excursions and permission notes. Our office staff find it a really, really easy tool to use, and it’s a great place for them to find information all in the one spot.”
Andrew Rayson, ICT Leader, Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Ocean Grove, Australia
“CareMonkey will undoubtedly assist us in delivering on our duty of care responsibilities, but it’s the productivity enhancements that we’re most excited about. Not having to chase parents for another paper permission note or policy document will free up so much admin time”
Ms Lorraine Simmiss-Taylor, Principal, Ramsgate Public School
“The system cuts down our paper work and work load, and ultimately enables our school to offer the utmost care and concern for the students’ wellbeing. I would recommend CareMonkey to all schools as a way of monitoring student wellbeing and assisting with the administration of the school.”
Nicholas McTaggart, School Principal, St James Primary - Banora Point
“We have been using CareMonkey for a year now and find it fantastic. We use it for all our trips, visits, as well as our medical consent…and we use it several times a week. I find it really good. Parents like it. Staff like it. Easy to use. So I certainly recommend it.”
Jeremy Hughes, Headteacher, West Town Lane Academy
“CareMonkey was originally introduced to the School by the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) which we have a long and successful association with. Seeing the benefits of a paperless online medical and electronic form system in operation, and how accepting our parents were of the system, it was an easy decision and natural progression to move our paper based processes online.

The immediate benefit for the School was having the most up-to-date medical profiles of our students. Rather than an annual ‘paper-based’ and laborious mail out process, we now have regular updates and changes acknowledged and confirmed by parents for each excursion / incursion or event attended to by our students. This critical information required to provide the best care of students is more reliable than ever.

The smart phone App saves on paper, weight and more importantly enables greater security to sensitive and personal student information. Access to medical profiles is controlled and managed with ease protecting the privacy of our school community.”

John Toulantas, ICT Manager, St Catherine’s School, Toorak
“CareMonkey has enabled our faculty to streamline and reduce the amount of OHS forms and associated paperwork required to support off-campus student activities. We have found it to be an invaluable resource that is reliable, responsive and user-friendly. One of the most useful features for us is having access to the mobile application where staff supervisors can have instant access to student care profiles whilst out in the field. The intuitive reporting capabilities are also used extensively to proactively identify and assist students who have complex medical and dietary requirements.”
Cameron Pettiona | Manager, Campus Operations, Monash University, Education Faculty
“I love the Caremonkey platform!

CareMonkey is the ultimate emergency medical management tool for schools, athletic clubs, and personal use. Parents can instantly update their child’s medical and contact information. Coaches can quickly complete, compile, report, track and share injuries.

Teachers can collect permission for field trips and sports excursions. Administrators are confident their staff and caregivers have the information they need on the go or in the classroom.”

Greg Sawatzky, K-8 Physical Education & Activities Coordinator, Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan
“Last year we had an incident where a girl had an anaphylactic reaction. CareMonkey was available to help our staff administer the epipen, and when the ambulance arrived we were able to bring up a comprehensive medical profile including emergency health information, medical conditions, and the students allergy action plan. CareMonkey helps our school be better prepared with this information available in the event of an emergency.”
Mick Kerin, Principal, St Jude’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Langwarrin
“I love the fact that I don’t have to chase parents up for permission notes, and the way that teachers can access medical information while off-site is fantastic!”
Sue Hendrie, Office Administrator, Berowra Christian Community School
“We have been using CareMonkey for just over a year. It’s made our medical form process far easier and our staff love it.”
Dean Inns, Network Manager, Roundwood Park School
“Implementing CareMonkey is part of the Outdoor Education Group’s strategy to use innovative technology to continually improve our programs. With over 20,000 participants in the field each year, having up to date and accessible medical and emergency information to ensure participants’ safety is of the utmost importance. With the CareMonkey app, our staff will always have the most up to date information on hand and be confident in their approach to any situation in the field.”
Ben Lovell, Director, The Outdoor Education Group
“CareMonkey has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love CareMonkey. It’s changed our life.”
Michael Watt,, Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School Monbulk
“We’ve used CareMonkey at St Peter Apostle Primary School for about 2 years now, and as a classroom teacher I love it! I always have instant access to my students medical and contact details when I’m on excursions, even when offline. In terms of permission notes, it’s quick and easy – we often get responses from parents before the kids have even left school. CareMonkey makes it easy to see who has volunteered to help out on trips and whether or not they have a WWCC, and if for whatever reason parents need to change their replies, that can be done easily as well.”
Karen Clarke, Year 3/4 Learning Leader and Maths Teacher, St Peter Apostle Primary School
“We are now able to easily communicate to parents about upcoming events and camps. CareMonkey is a great program for communication, as paper based notes doesn’t always make their way home to parents.”
Esperance Anglican Community SchoolMichelle Fissioli, Administrator, Esperance Anglican Community School
“Collecting paper notes had become a huge task with so many students, there were various slips. But since we have had CareMonkey we have been able to manage these tasks seamlessly.”
Susan Allen, Principal, Randwick Public School
“It eliminates the need for paper notes and forms for excursions and extracurricular activities. The staff are very excited about the implementation of CareMonkey!.”
Chris Speirs, Principal, Jamberoo Public School
“CareMonkey is amazing! Paper notes no longer exist in our school. CareMonkey has streamlined our excursion and student information collection for all stakeholders in our learning community. Our parents have thanked us for making their life so much easier.”
Cindy Gardiner, Principal, Bilgola Plateau
“I was most impressed by the hands on level of customer support in setting up this program. The accessibility and simplicity of this program makes it ideal for our school setting. A most practical and brilliant idea!”
Simon Collis, Principal, St Joseph’s Primary School
“Easily and quickly keeps you in the loop of all school business, no need to worry about missing notes and signed notes not making it back to school. In my third year of using the app and it’s terrific!”
Nikki Koutspis, Happy Parent
“CareMonkey has made it so much easier for our medical staff. Now we do not have to worry if we have the right medical information with us for certain teams. The app is a godsend!”
Kevin Beard, Secretary, Happy Valley Football Club
“CareMonkey is a significant development in managing workplace Health and Safety and gives me the confidence to know that the Health and Medical information of staff is at hand in case of an emergency.”
David Huxtable, Manager, Basketball Victoria Country
“I’m a total advocate for CareMonkey. My daughter’s school is in its first year of use and so glad they decided on your service. Easy, efficient, and green!”
Jenny Lombard, Parent, Mentone Girls Grammar
“Fantastic product that is one of the best aides a sports club or school could ever invest in…. Highly recommend everyone at least takes a look at CareMonkey!”
Ballarat Gymsports
“You have to go on an excursion to see how good CareMonkey really is. On excursions, everything is instantly available on your phone, rather than in a folder of paper forms which is a hassle to carry around and needs to be destroyed afterwards.”
Phil Carew, Head of eLearning, Toorak College
“CareMonkey has been an incredible time saver. Instead of a big mailout, it now takes just 10 minutes to prepare and send out an email, and we get responses within the hour.”
Judy Burriss, Director of ICT, Toorak College
“It was so nice to fill out one of those forms knowing it might be the last time I ever have to do it. Very clever and well designed, easy to navigate and efficient.”
Leah Davidson, Parent
“Since introducing CareMonkey, parents are really positive about it because they know forms have been signed and returned to school. Previously, lots of notes would go missing.”
Natasha Eaton, Principal, Peakhurst South Public School
“CareMonkey has been really good because we don’t have to chase parents up for information. CareMonkey automatically sends out reminders so parents complete it on time.”
Jo-Anne Caltabiano, SAO, Peakhurst South Public School
“CareMonkey is a terrific system for The Field Trip, allowing our young leaders to know who is attending each week and any health or dietary issues to be aware of – all on their own phones (via the app).
It has eliminated a lot of paper forms, etc. and streamlines processes for new members and having all necessary information on hand. We often get really good feedback about it from our young leaders.

We use Caremonkey to take roll calls each session and share information centrally with each Field Trip chapter (in different locations). We also use Caremonkey to accept applications for our Field Trip USA program, sending leaders to the USA for three months and sharing relevant applicant and referee information with Camp Directors in the USA via Caremonkey.

Caremonkey has certainly prevented losing people’s information, issues going awry and ensuring everything goes to plan!”

Paul Kooperman, Director, The Field Trip
“Hi, What a great thing!! Love their option to copy details: beats writing it on what feels like countless forms!! Yay to whoever found this service”.
Victory Christian CollegeHappy parent, Email to staff from a parent at Victory Christian College
“As a teacher and a parent l love CareMonkey. First camp with it and it made an instant difference as l referred to the APP on a daily basis no matter where l was. As a parent, no more forms!”
Heather Evans, Teacher
“E-forms are so easily setup through CareMonkey’s templates, and response time from parents has been phenomenal! Within 24 hours we get %70-%80 of responses back.”
Rachel Chisolm, Deputy Principal, Randwick Public School
“This app is the best thing ever, I was so sick of filling out forms for every excursion.”
Andrea J Sparks, Parent
“When I have important information – like a date change or alteration to an excursion, I always use the CareMonkey email system. I love it!”
Belinda Jacoby, Administration Officer, Balcombe Grammar
“We love CareMonkey here at St Agnes. Paperless is the way to go. We would not go back to the traditional paper notes!”
Andrew Butler, St Agnes Primary School - Highett
“It has simplified our lives!”
Annette Vine, Deputy Principal, St Jude's Catholic School
“Parents love it!”
Bern Bradley, Assistant Principal, St Columba’s School
“Teachers love it!”
Andrew Davies, Deputy Principal, St Mark's Primary School
“We love it and our parents love it!”
Sue Jackson, Deputy Principal, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
“It’s saved us a lot of time and money”
Steve Evans, Deputy Principal, Our Lady Assumption
“All our notices go out via CareMonkey”
Jan Morice, Deputy Principal, Sacred Heart College
“Great for communication!”
Danielle Gerecke, Galilee Primary School
“We can easily bring up information for our students”
Peter Whyte, St Thomas More Primary School
“So much less paperwork”
Janette, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School
“I love CareMonkey, ever since this was put into place at my children’s school in Emmanuel College my life as a mum approving school trips and other functions became so much easier! Thank you CareMonkey!”
Mimi Rojo Laurilla, Parent
“It made sense to give the coaches immediate up to date medical and contact information for their athletes without having to print and carry private information.”
Kirsty Veliades, Squad & Club Coordinator, Nunawading Swimming Club
“Just wanted to thank you for the “bulk import” facility. This has been an extremely useful addition and really simple to use.”
Mark Chaffers, Membership and HR Manager, Scouts Victoria
“Paper forms capturing the same info over and over is ridiculous. Doing this once across sporting club and school just makes sense. Smart!”
Carl Vescovi, Parent
“Fabulous program helping parents and organisations to keep our kids safe.”
Sandy Broben, Parent
“CareMonkey is the best thing! It used to worry me that we didn’t have up to date medical and emergency information, but now CareMonkey puts the responsibility on the parents to update the information and automatically chases them up to do it.”
Creek Street Christian CollegeJenni Caldwell, Principal, Creek Street Christian College
“CareMonkey reduces paperwork and makes the tracking of children’s needs very easy. Parents can give permission easily from anywhere and teachers can access children’s data online. Teachers enjoy having access to children’s information, anywhere, anytime.”
Nic McTaggart, Principal , St Joseph’s School Quarry Hill
“So easy. Don’t have to worry about missing permission slips sent home from school”
Selena Burne, Parent
“CareMonkey rocks!! No more forms!!!!”
Jacki Stock, Parent
“CareMonkey is the best! Not having to fill out all those forms for school excursion etc, makes a parent’s life so much easier!”
Bernadette Frost, Parent
“So easy. Don’t have to worry about missing permission slips sent home from school”
Selena Burne, Parent
“A Plus Plumbing use CareMonkey to streamline its employee induction process, HR records and Safety management. CareMonkey has the ability for you to create your own customised E-forms, and it is quick and easy to drop the E-form into the employee’s profile – simple really.”
Nicola Paton, Group Finance Manager, A Plus Plumbing
“Awesome work as a parent CareMonkey is quick & efficient Thx :)”
Annie Mumford, Parent
“With great apps like yours, it frees us up to be leaders and watch out for kids instead of clipboards.”
Roland Gesthuizen, Scout Leader
“Last week on a Year 6 excursion to the Icehouse, a student hit his head on the ice and was unconscious for around 6-8 minutes. An ambulance was called to respond to the incident and when ambulance paramedics asked for his medical details, the teacher produced the CareMonkey App on her phone.”
Yvette Porter, School Administrator, St Finbar’s Primary School
“CareMonkey was infinitely more efficient than our previous procedures for collecting information. In the past, team members would scan, email, fax and mail hard copies of forms, which then had to be digitized and filed; charts would be created to verify completion of forms. Without question this may have been the most valuable benefit of utilizing CareMonkey.”
Shane Carr, Program Director, Maccabi USA
We enjoy the ease and speed at which we can access children’s medical details. We embrace the fact that we are using less paper and helping protect our environment. The feedback from teachers is positive, all the teachers have downloaded the app on their smart phones and are enjoying the portability that CareMonkey brings.
Helen Vousden-Airey, Holy Family Primary School
“I am officially in the CareMonkey fan club!”

“CareMonkey was a huge help yesterday with my incident in the city. I was able to give the triple zero triage team the information at the touch of a button and the ambulance officers were both amazed and grateful to find that everything they needed in one handy place.”

Stacey Gwilym, Classroom Teacher, Mentone Grammar School
“CareMonkey gives us an incredible ability to have important medical information instantly available on a mobile device as and when it is required. Last season one of our players sustained a significant injury during an away game, which highlighted just how important it is to be ready for an emergency at any time. Obviously the security of the information was a critical part of our requirements, and CareMonkey meets those with ease.”
Steve Blunt, President, Victorian Seals
“Because the teacher had my phone number in the CareMonkey App on her smartphone, she was talking to me seconds after the incident occurred. As shattering and frightening as it was, it meant I was part of what was unfolding and knew what they were doing with my son.

Because all our medical information was up to date, it also meant that by the time I got to hospital I could focus on Lachlan rather than getting stressed about insurance questions and medical details etc.”

Karlie Jackett-Simpson, Parent, St Finbars Primary School, Brighton
“The automatic collection of information, made it so easy and the in-built reminder emails did the chasing for me – it saved me so much time. The ability to then share the team participant data with coaches and team officials was incredibly well received. The coaches absolutely loved the ease and practical application of the system, knowing they were prepared and had all their participants’ information on their smartphones if they needed it. Fortunately we had no injuries, but felt better knowing any risk was covered. Overall I thought the system was outstanding.”
Tara Steel ,Sport Resources Manager, Touch Football Australia
“I love all the TIME CareMonkey saves me. I used to spend hours and hours printing off permission forms, chasing up permission forms and printing off more permission forms for those children who lost theirs!

I can now whip up an eform and get it out to parents in less than 20 minutes!

I like that I can see all the responses as the administrator as well as the staff carers seeing the same information – we are all on the same page so to speak. I love the excel spreadsheets I can generate from responses and share only specific details to outside organisations if I need, eg. Dietary requirements sent to a camp organisation.

Marita Glass , Student Services Administrator Officer, Mary MacKillop Primary School, Narre Warren
“As a busy Mum of four kids who can all be in different places at once, CareMonkey is a fantastic tool! Knowing my children’s educators, sports coaches and emergency personnel all have important medical information about our family at their fingertips is a weight off my mind.

Having all the notices about school and sports events in one app is a weight off my fridge door! Now I never miss a thing – the alerts on the app are a much more efficient reminder than a soggy note at the bottom of a school bag a week after the event.”

Liz Dundas-Smith, Client Administration, Orbis Wealth Management
“We have been using CareMonkey for a year now and it has been amazing. It has drastically reduced the workload for administration staff and many parents have commented favourably on its ease of use and efficient way of communicating and collecting permission for excursions etc. We have made extremely good use of the survey type questions to gain valuable feedback from parents or to seek volunteers for events.

I have told many of my colleagues about CareMonkey with many taking it on in their schools.

We have had two occasions where ambulances were called to students outside the school at sport and the ambulance service was most impressed with the medical information provided in the app.”

Chris Burn, Deputy Principal, Star of the Sea College
“The CareMonkey application has been a useful resource as an OHS and risk management system here at the University. As a live system that is malleable and easy to use, we are able to create medical summaries that are used in urban, rural and remote settings for the safety of all of our staff and students.

It is fantastic to be able to email and SMS students directly.

It is brilliant that CareMonkey continues to message students until they complete a requested task.

We love how staff are able to tap the email and phone number on students profile to contact them directly (worked well this week out in the field).

The profile structure is easy to read and understand – staff have been using it on both smartphones and iPads.

I find it so easy to compile the separate units and organise the medical profiles and allocate staff – 10 times easier than the old system.”

Warwick H Noles, Program Manager, Monash University
“We use CareMonkey for all our emergency management and excursion forms. Everything is online so it’s easier for parents and teachers to send and respond to forms. We also use CareMonkey for all our injury reporting on trips, sporting events and in sick bay. Because everything is digital, it is much easier to track, more transparent, and we can notify parents via SMS that day with a link to the full incident report.”

“We had an ambulance called for a student. The teacher went with them and using their phone they were able to share all the relevant information to the paramedics. In the old days when we ran excursions, teachers would just carry folders of paperwork for their own class. Now, all teachers can access emergency student information for students on the trip using their phones, it’s so much easier and safer!”

Michelle Gillett, Deputy Principal, St Martin de Porres Primary School
“We have been using CareMonkey for just over 12 months now and we love it.

We initially used it for medical, but then we started using the eForms and they are fantastic. We no longer use paper notices about camps and outings anymore and most families accepted the use of eForms straight away. Now my families want SMS text messages and payment options added to make it even easier for us to track attendances.

Having contact details on hand means that we are not carrying around folders of paper forms, and we have the latest information. That is a big plus for us. It was very painful trying to chase medical forms from parents and we could never get on top of it, but now our Leaders have access and we are at 98% take up. That is better than the 50% we were at with paper.”

John Parr, Group Leader, Gumdale Scout Group, Queensland
“CareMonkey has made such a difference! No more chasing parents for medical forms and emergency contact details.

Teachers can access information no matter where they are. Parents are in complete control of what information is maintained. Once the child’s profile is complete, parents can just sit back – no more medical forms to fill in for camps and excursions. CareMonkey does the work for everyone. It eliminates paper waste; it is time efficient and it is secure and private. CareMonkey is a win–win for all!”

Heatherton Christian CollegeHeather Harrison, Teacher, Heatherton Christian College
“Using CareMonkey, it’s really easy to communicate to our parents and get permission for excursions. I like the fact I can set-up Groups for any specific thing – like food permissions, photograph permissions, medication and students with high risk medication needs. So, it’s great.”
Jackie Vaotangi, Administrator, At Mary's Primary School, Geelong, Australia