Everyone deserves to be safe outdoors

CareMonkey for Clubs is an online form platform that gives authorised carers instant access to important medical and consent details in an emergency on mobile devices. CareMonkey is used for camps, scouts, pathfinders, boys’ and girls’ brigades, church and youth groups.

Know exactly what to do in an emergency

Automatically collect emergency information
Collect up-to-date medical and emergency information from parents and guardians.

Instant access for group leaders in an emergency
Group leaders are only one button away from knowing who to call, what to do, or what to tell paramedics.

Offline Capability
Access emergency information, even when adventuring off the grid.

Eliminate paper forms…forever

Go paperless
Collecting permission and consent forms for every event is time consuming. CareMonkey streamlines the entire process, saving everyone time and hassle. Parents and guardians love it!

Make life easier for volunteers
Volunteers have better things to do than send, chase and file paperwork for every event. Make organising events easy and carrying paperwork everywhere redundant.

Automated reminders
CareMonkey automatically follows up missing forms and information, so you don’t have to.

Mobile incident reporting

Log incidents as they happen
Report incidents without delay, rather than relying on memory. Document injuries or faulty equipment with the ability to add photos, and send accurate information straight to HQ.

Generate incident reports
CareMonkey’s incident database helps you analyse how and why incidents occur and helps streamline insurance claims.

Keep everyone in the know

Send group messages
Conveniently communicate to parents, guardians and volunteers.
(e.g. ‘the bus is running late’).

Email and SMS Alerts
Not everyone logs into their email. CareMonkey lets you choose the best way to message individuals or groups.

Field trip payments made easy

Collect payments faster
Send bulk payment requests to your entire group and get paid sooner.

Save yourself the hassle
No more cross-checking bank statements with spreadsheets to see who paid.  CareMonkey tells you who has paid, and automatically sends reminders for outstanding fees.

Try it and you’ll never go back
No joining fee, no monthly fees, no equipment costs and a flat low rate. Debit and credit card accepted.

Rock Solid Security

More secure than paper forms
Password, code or fingerprint protected.

Keep sensitive information private
Only authorised staff can access sensitive information, and when they do it’s tracked.

A better way to collect, retain and access data
Automatically archive every change ever made for better governance and auditability.

Why people love CareMonkey

“Just wanted to thank you for the “bulk import” facility. This has been an extremely useful addition and really simple to use.”
Mark Chaffers, Membership and HR Manager, Scouts Victoria
“Implementing CareMonkey is part of the Outdoor Education Group’s strategy to use innovative technology to continually improve our programs. With over 20,000 participants in the field each year, having up to date and accessible medical and emergency information to ensure participants’ safety is of the utmost importance. With the CareMonkey app, our staff will always have the most up to date information on hand and be confident in their approach to any situation in the field.”
Ben Lovell, Director, The Outdoor Education Group