Best Practice Webinar: Medical Data for Schools

Webinar event: Best Practice
Medical Data for Schools

Every school has a duty of care. So do your staff know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics in an emergency?

Register for this Webinar event and find out the best practices schools are using to better prepare for emergencies.

When and where

2:30pm AEST
Tuesday 14th March, […]

Why ‘The Field Trip’ Love CareMonkey

What is The Field Trip?
The Field Trip is a movement where young people empower other young people to find their passion, peers and path. Young people meet each week to undertake a program where they’re encouraged to consider and contribute to the local and global community. Launching in August 2015, The Field Trip now has […]

CareMonkey Wins Gold Star at BETT London

CareMonkey was at BETT London last week showcasing our award winning solution at one of the largest education technology conferences in the world.One delegate, industry expert Martin Bailey of ‘Animate 2 Educate’ awarded CareMonkey the prestigious Gold Star.  “Very impressed by this product,” said Bailey. “Medical forms and information remain one of the few things that are still […]

What You Need To Know About Allergies in the UK Infographic

What You Need To Know
About Allergies in the UK

Share this infographic with a friend or colleague and help us combat the rise of allergies in the UK.

Why Bristol Grammar School loves CareMonkey

Why Bristol Grammar School loves CareMonkey
Bristol Grammar School is an independent day school in the United Kingdom, founded in 1532. Over the centuries, Bristol Grammar School has earned a prestigious history. However we will always remember 2016 as the year they started using CareMonkey.

Happy World Monkey Day!

Every year on the 14th of December the world celebrates our favourite animal…. The monkey!

It’s not just about the monkey however, the ever reliable Wikipedia tells us that
“Monkey Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated internationally on December 14. While the holiday is mainly about monkeys, it also celebrates other non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, […]

New Feature: Bulk Add Members

Great news! CareMonkey Administrators can now “Bulk Add Members” to Groups and eForms using Profile ID’s. This means you can now add people to groups or eForms by pasting in a list of their ID’s (e.g. Student ID, Member ID, Employee number) rather than selecting them manually and using the drag and drop feature. This […]

Teaming with Insects and CareMonkey at Oregon State University

Teaming with Insects and CareMonkey at Oregon State University
Virginia Bourdeau loves insects. Her passion started when she collected her first insect at a camp in High School. Today, Virginia shares her love of insects with others as a professor at Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences. Her course includes e-learning modules […]

“CareMonkey has been brilliant for our trips!”

Sally Yarnton, Senior Academic Administrator of Wellington College in the United Kingdom says that her school loves the passport collecting and report running features of the CareMonkey system!
“CareMonkey has been brilliant for our trips. We have many varied trips abroad and within the UK throughout the year. It is easy for parents to set up and […]

CareMonkey Supporting Outdoor Safety

CareMonkey is now an affiliate member of Outdoors Victoria, the peak body for all outdoor activities in Victoria.

“We love outdoor activities at CareMonkey,” said Troy Westley, CEO of CareMonkey. “The CareMonkey system is designed to help reduce risks and help people know what to do in an emergency while on outdoor activities, even when they […]

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