July 2019

The Magic Number for Any Successful Education Technology Acquisition

CareMonkey president, Peter Bencivenga, discusses edtech acquisitions.

April 2019

Australian Startup Raises $1.5M to Help Schools Digitize Forms and Cut Down on Paperwork

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY SIGN: CareMonkey, a Melbourne, Australia-based startup that provides schools with digital software to replace paper forms, has raised $1.5 million in a seed round led by Peter Bencivenga, with New Ground Ventures and Rethink Education also participating….

CareMonkey Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding to Automate School Processes Through a Digital Forms Platform

Edtech Investors join CareMonkey for expansion into the U.S.A and U.K.

September 2018

Duty of Care empowered by a beautiful idea

CEO Troy Westley talks to Monash Life about starting CareMonkey.

August 2018

New CareMonkey mobile apps improve access to student medical records

CareMonkey delivers offline access, display, speed and user experience improvements with new version of its Android and Apple mobile apps.

June 2018

CareMonkey ranked #1 Medical and Heathcare Startup in Australia

CareMonkey named number one Australian medical and healthcare start-up in top 10 report released by medicalstartups.org.

December 2017

CareMonkey Roll Out in Full Swing!

The rollout of CareMonkey for Scout Groups in NSW is well and truly underway, with one very successful webinar delivered, over 80 Scout Groups activated online so far, and numerous more in the process of finalising their details.

18% of Scout Groups are now on CareMonkey

The rollout of CareMonkey for Scout Groups in NSW is well and truly underway, with one very successful webinar delivered, over 80 Scout Groups activated online so far, and n

November 2017

How does your club maintain member records and know about members medical issues?

Does your club struggle with maintaining all the paperwork required these days?  Is it too difficult to find and share folders between administrators at your club?  Is information regularly out of date?  Check out Care Monkey to go online and save volunteer time.

October 2017

It’s a Game-Changer – CareMonkey to be Rolled Out to all Scout Groups

Of the 20 Groups who participated in the trial, 80% of Group and Section Leaders surveyed said they were Very Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with CareMonkey. 95% of families surveyed would recommend CareMonkey as a product for all Scouts NSW members.

September 2017

Top 12 Australian Startups in the Media

In the last five years, the landscape of business media has changed significantly – prior to 2012 tech coverage was heavily focused on ICT players at the top end of town.

July 2017

Startup Daily: Victorian healthtech CareMonkey has been leveraging the Talent Unleashed Awards network in its marketing

For many an Australian startup, the goal is to expand internationally and become a global business. Doing just that is Victorian health tech startup CareMonkey, which has created a platform to securely collect, store, and distribute medical and emergency contact information for organisations with a duty of care, such as schools, sports clubs, and community organisations.

June 2017

Computer World: CareMonkey takes its ‘social care network’ global

CareMonkey has taken its ‘social care network’ international, with the Melbourne-based startup seeking to build its customer base in the United States and Europe.

May 2017

ISTE 2017: CareMonkey Makes Caring For Students Easier

CareMonkey eliminates the use of paper forms and the headaches of having to chase paper forms down from parents.

CareMonkey Introduces Smart Groups

CareMonkey releases new feature to save schools time managing groups and sending school forms to parents.

April 2017