Digitally Managing a Safe Return
to the Classroom

Making contact-free access control, parent communications, student health and attendance tracking easy

Engaging families, managing on-campus attendance, and acting on absenteeism or illness will be critical come September.
Attend this joint webinar, and official CareMonkey – Access411 partnership launch, to discover how we’re joining forces to keep students safe, drive strong re-engagement with face-to-face learning, and help create a COVID-safe environment.


Thursday 6th August 2020
2pm – 3pm, New York EDT

Limited seats available: This session is limited to 100 attendees, so register now to reserve your spot.

About the webinar

Why attend?

You’ve been specially selected because we want your feedback on how Access411 and CareMonkey can best work together to solve this challenge for schools and districts like yours.

Tailored to the challenges schools and districts across the US face in a COVID-aware new school year, join us as we explore how you can combine CareMonkey and Access411 to:

1. Keep parents and students informed and engaged
Digitally distribute segmented communications and forms to your families — from attendance expectations, updated absenteeism policies, COVID-safe operating procedures and flexible learning schedules. Manage your staggered return to the classroom. Be confident that the right people are in the right buildings on the right days.

2. Digitally verify student medical information and emergency contact details
Automatically distribute digital Health Check-In forms to all parents and staff every day. Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in on-campus learning each morning and verify the health of every recipient.

3. Track and control campus traffic
Establish contact-free building entry and form submission with QR Code enabled forms for students, staff and visitors. Digitally log campus sign-ins and sign-outs to ensure only authorized people are permitted on-site. Track daily attendance in order to support potential contact tracing.

4. Monitor, report and act on absenteeism
Digitally track anticipated attendance against actual attendance. Then, trigger follow-up communications if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

5. And, witness the launch of Access411’s new CAASS Notify app
Parents and guardians can instantly receive notifications on any mobile device, including entry times and attendance statuses for each student.

Time permitting, there will be a brief Q&A session at the end of the webinar.


Who should join this webinar?

This webinar is designed for senior leaders at districts, elementary or high schools; including Principals, Assistant Principals, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Operations, Business or Risk Managers. But, all interested parties are welcome.

All registrants will also receive a copy of the webinar recording for on-demand viewing.

How do I join the webinar?

Upon completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email, containing your unique registration link and outlining how to join the webinar.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to CareMonkey Head of Marketing and Communications, Lachlan James:

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About CareMonkey

CareMonkey is a school productivity and process automation platform.

CareMonkey is helping thousands of schools and other organizations around the world to eliminate slow, expensive and repetitive paper-based tasks.

CareMonkey empowers schools to save time and resources by automating operational tasks and workflows, increasing staff productivity, parental engagement and student participation.

Streamline and digitize any school process, drastically reducing the associated costs: From permission forms, payments, and school trips; to collation of medical information, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding and more.

And, effectively communicate with staff, parents and your whole school community in over 100 languages with CareMonkey’s multi-language capability.

Ensure every dollar and every minute possible is focused on students, rather than wasting resources on operational inefficiencies, with CareMonkey.

About Access411

In today’s educational landscape, student safety relies on total accountability for every individual.

Access411, the makers of CAASS, offers educators a suite of products to maintain a safe learning environment and gives families peace of mind from the morning bus ride to school and back.

For over 20 years, CAASS Reliability has proven itself by providing innovative and ever-changing tools to promote positive and secure learning.

Student Management – CAASS, an all-inclusive tool for complete control throughout the learning environment

Visitor Control – Visitor Pass Plus, accountability for every visitor from delivery drivers, external maintenance and designated student release to a parent and or guardian.

Student Transportation – CAASS Bus Scan, making sure every student is safely transported to and from school on his or her designated bus.

Behavioral Management – the theories behind Restorative Justice, student behavioral management and CAASS’ logistical approach to maintaining uniformity throughout a student’s progress.

CAASS Culture is a resource designed to strengthen safety within the learning environment – empowering educators and promoting success.