Allovue briefing

Achieving simplified, equitable K–12 budgeting

Driving better student outcomes through better resource allocation

As a new school year approaches, we invite you to attend an exclusive briefing on new CareMonkey partner, Allovue — a uniquely simplified budgeting platform for schools and districts.
Join CareMonkey President Peter Bencivenga, Allovue CEO and Founder Jess Gartner, and mutual education partner Dr Chris Marczak, to see how Allovue is making education finance as simple as a personal banking app — with all the security of a robust accounting system.


Tuesday 4th August 2020
12pm – 12:30pm, New York EDT

Now more than ever, it is imperative that principals are able to budget and track expenses easily. As instructional plans for the Fall remain in flux and new needs arise, Allovue can improve your school budgeting process. Attend this briefing to discover how.

About the webinar

Why attend?

Managing and tracking school finances involves undertaking many day-to-day, repetitive tasks, including manual workflows to reconcile and match payments received to particular students, processes performed or services received.

You’ve been specially selected because we want your feedback on how Allovue and CareMonkey can best work together to solve budgeting and finance challenges for schools and districts like yours.

Over the course of a school year, those recurring payment workflows lead to inefficiency and reduce ROI. Amidst tightening budgets, that’s time and money which should be put to better use. The disparate nature of these human-reliant, school-based workflows is only magnified when rolled-up to a district level.

This is a challenge that the Allovue – CareMonkey partnership is committed to addressing.

Additionally, thanks to Allovue’s integration with Amazon Business, principals can use Allovue Budget to connect planned spending with school improvement plans and give teachers and staff purchasing authority. This integration empowers principals to effortlessly implement strategic spending plans.


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About Allovue

Allovue is a K–12 budgeting and finance platform that empowers educators – at both a school and district level – to strategically and equitably allocate resources to best support the needs of students.

Allovue provides innovative education finance technology solutions to educators nationwide to help them budget, manage, and evaluate school spending. The company also provides districts with supplemental services including funding equity analysis, diagnostic surveys, and financial management training. Allovue’s flagship product, Balance, is an online software platform designed to help K–12 administrators access, understand, and control their financial data.