Digitizing Your School Payment Workflows

Digitizing Your School Payment Workflows

Using every dollar and every minute possible on a student’s education

As a new school year approaches, we invite you to attend an exclusive briefing on new Allovue partner, CareMonkey — a unique productivity platform that streamlines any school payment workflow.
Join Allovue CEO Jess Gartner, CareMonkey President Peter Bencivenga, and mutual education partner Dr Chris Marczak, to see how CareMonkey is helping Maury County District — and schools across the country — use every dollar and every minute possible on student engagement and outcomes.


Thursday 30th July 2020
1pm – 2pm, New York EDT

Drive productivity, equitable allocation and access to resources at the school level; while giving districts the visibility, consistency and accountability required to plan, manage and utilize budgets effectively.

About the webinar

Why attend?

Managing and tracking school finances involves undertaking many day-to-day, repetitive tasks, including manual workflows to reconcile and match payments received to particular students, processes performed or services received.

You’ve been specially selected because we want your feedback on how Allovue and CareMonkey can best work together to solve this challenge for schools and districts like yours.

Over the course of a school year, those recurring payment workflows lead to inefficiency and reduce ROI. Amidst tightening budgets, that’s time and money which should be put to better use. The disparate nature of these human-reliant, school-based workflows is only magnified when rolled-up to a district level.

Attend to discover how CareMonkey digitizes, connects and automates everyday school payment workflows — from reimbursement and supply requests, to purchase approvals, school fees lodgment, field trip payments, managing donations, expenditure tracking and everything in-between.


How do I join the webinar?

Upon completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email, containing your unique registration link and outlining how to join the webinar.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to CareMonkey Head of Marketing and Communications, Lachlan James: ljames@caremonkey.com

More on CareMonkey and this webinar

Want to find out more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information:

CareMonkey customers: Please contact your Customer Success Manager, Sam Banks: sbanks@caremonkey.com

New to CareMonkey? Please contact CareMonkey President and briefing co-host, Peter Bencivenga: pbencivenga@caremonkey.com

About CareMonkey

CareMonkey is a school productivity and process automation platform.

CareMonkey empowers you to streamline any school workflow or process, drastically reducing associated costs and improving traceability: From parental permission forms, payments, and school trips; to collation of medical and emergency information, incident reporting, staff agreements, student onboarding, asset management and more.

Discover how to digitize hundreds of routine operational tasks with automated workflows for students, staff and parents. Examples include:

  • Registration and onboarding: Hear how Maury County School District transformed its paper-based Kindergarten registration by deploying a contactless digital workflow solution
  • Payments: From uniform purchases, to school trip payments and senior dues
  • Parents: Media consent forms, emergency contacts, absence notes, and discipline contracts
  • Staff: From policy management, to teacher surveys, field trip approvals or room requests
  • Students: Course requests, student surveys, club registrations, cell phone contracts and more
  • Public: Open house registrations, volunteer sign-ups, public donations

Ensure every dollar and every minute possible is focused on students, rather than wasting resources on operational inefficiencies, with CareMonkey. And, effectively communicate with staff, parents and your whole school community in over 100 languages with CareMonkey’s multi-language capability.