Staten Island Tech Case Study Presentation


Miss CareMonkey’s presentation at Illuminate Education’s 2020 Virtual User Conference, Staten Island Tech Case Study: Automating Staff Processes? Or, maybe you just want to relive the experience again? Well, either way, we’ve got you covered. We recorded the session for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Watch from 0:00 to 17:01 to view the case study walk-through, led by Staten Island Tech’s Principal, Mark Erlenwein. Watch from 17:02 to 30:44 for a quick CareMonkey demonstration, led by CareMonkey President, Peter Bencivenga. Join Mark and Peter from 30:45 to 40:59 as they respond to top audience questions and feedback.

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  • Access the Staten Island Tech case study on automating staff workflows HERE >
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  • Access the Maury County School District case study on automating student registration HERE >

Staten Island Tech Case Study Results

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