Maury County School District

How a school district transformed its manual, paper-based Kindergarten registration process – by deploying a seamless digital-only workflow – to enable self-service, contact-free registration all year round.

A School District Case Study:
Automating Kindergarten Registration



Maury County School District

Superintendent for Maury County School District in Tennessee, Dr Christopher Marczak, embraces the 24/7 nature of his job. He’s always thinking about better ways to connect Maury County’s school communities and improve access to education for its 13,000+ students across its 21 schools. Dr Marczak looks for innovative, technology-driven solutions to achieve those outcomes.

In 2017, he partnered with CareMonkey and its School Productivity and Process Automation Platform as part of the district's Digital Integration Plan for Learning on Mobile and Accessibility (DIPLOMA). This enabled Maury County to digitize the distribution and collection of permission slips for its district-wide student laptop program, eliminating 36,000 paper forms from just one process – and a lot of stress and inefficiency – for parents and school staff alike. Since then, the CareMonkey - Maury County partnership has deepened, enabling the district to digitize and streamline other day-to-day tasks and workflows in a consistent manner across its schools.

When the Coronavirus Crisis hit, Dr Marczak knew Maury County’s traditional paper-based registration process for incoming Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students wasn’t viable. Instead, he pushed CareMonkey to develop an industry leading, 100 percent digital, solution that would make Pre-K - K registration in Maury County a breeze – throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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"We’ve already had 326 registrations for Kindergarten and 124 registrations for Pre-Kindergarten. If we weren’t using CareMonkey, that number would be zero."

Dr Christopher Marczak, Superintendent
Maury County School District, Tennessee

Eliminate Paper

Eliminate Paper

Save Time

Save Time

Save Money

Save Money

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

The Wasted Millions on US Student Registration

It's time to digitize, streamline and automate


The tip of a very expensive iceberg

Student Registration ROI
Traditional, resource-intensive student registration takes hours to complete, sheet after sheet of paper, and a huge team of teachers and administrators, which all costs money. Estimates indicate that the average US school spends a staggering $45,017 on the administrative costs associated with processing just the paper-based elements of student registration applications each year.
But, this is just the tip of a very expensive iceberg. We have not included costs that derive from chasing down child information from parents, communicating with pre-registered families, manual data entry and management, student on-boarding, or the many other activities associated with the registration process.
Then, there's the year-round costs of inefficient paper-based student, staff and parent processes.

Beyond Student Registration

Did you know that the average US school spends over $70,000
on processing paper forms throughout the school year?
Digitizing and automating school forms and workflows ensures you're not wasting limited budgets on repetitive, manual tasks.
Annual Cost of Paper-Based School Processes

6 Ways to Transform Your Student Registration and Onboarding Processes with CareMonkey

With CareMonkey, you can digitize and automate your school’s most important registration and onboarding processes: From the all-important distribution and collection of forms, manual data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to on-boarding new and returning students.
Automatic Distribution
1. All your registration and school forms ready-to-go

Digitally distribute and collect all required forms, with CareMonkey's ready-to-send pre-built forms.

2. Automated tracking and reminders

Don't waste effort calling and emailing parents over unreturned forms. Track response rates and let CareMonkey do the chasing for you.

Mobile Ready
3. Get more responses in less time with multilingual & mobile access

Empower parents to complete forms in their language of choice from the mobile device of their choice.

Group Messaging
4. Seamlessly communicate with pre-admitted and existing families

Send automated, group and personalised digital communications to parents of pre-admitted students with zero manual effort.

Single Source of Truth
5. Eliminate data double-handling with PDF mapping

Automatically map CareMonkey forms to official DOE PDF form templates. Stop asking parents to fill out the same forms come September.

Student Onboarding
6. Trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment

CareMonkey will programmatically trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment, removing student registration bottlenecks.

Additional CareMonkey Workflows

Eliminate paper and manage your school digitally

When the current COVID-19 challenges begin to subside, CareMonkey can be used to streamline the rest of your routine operational tasks with automated workflows for parents, staff, students and payments.
Bring your student registration process, and all your day-to-day school tasks and workflows, into the digital age.

Parent Workflows

Parent Workflows

Staff Workflows

Staff Workflows
Student Workflows

Student Workflows

Payment Workflows

Payment Workflows
Public Workflows

Public Workflows

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