Education Today: ‘What if COVID-19 changes education for the better?’

Advantages of online learning for students; why virtual schools shine during COVID-19 and how staff can gain new abilities by fully embracing technology.

“We can post material for students to work on at home and then come back to class with their questions. A lot of the resources we’ve prepared are not going to go to waste.”

– Chris Burn, Deputy Principal at Star of the Sea College (Victoria, Australia)

Online Learning and COVID-19

Leading educators from across Australasia — who participated in CareMonkey’s recent webinar, Virtual Schooling and COVID-19: Lessons Learned — have had their views featured in industry publication, Education Today.

This latest article explores how the use of technology is increasing access to, and flexibility of, student learning and how teachers deliver content.

Featuring Chris Burn (Deputy Principal at Star of the Sea College in Victoria, Australia) and Fiona Webster (Assistant Principal and Program Director for DET Initiatives at Virtual School Victoria), the article offers first-hand insights into the pandemic’s silver linings.

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