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Top 10 New Features (December 2019)

CareMonkey Santa Beard

New CareMonkey Integrations

1. Wonde integration now available in Australia

Based in Australia and use CareMonkey? We’ve got great news.

Through our strategic partnership with integration experts Wonde, you can now integrate your CareMonkey system with a range of common Student Information Systems (SIS), including TASS, Synergetic, SchoolPro and SchoolEdge.

So, if you’re using spreadsheets to load your students, staff and classes into CareMonkey, you now have the option to use Wonde to automatically keep that data synced with your SIS.

More information is available on the Wonde website or you can contact our support team to request integration between Wonde and CareMonkey.

Wonde provides integration to multiple student administration systems in the UK and Australia. Wonde delivers integrations for the majority of admin systems used in UK schools, including SIMS and ISAMS.

CareMonkey - Wonde Integration

CareMonkey API

2. CareMonkey API updates

For those CareMonkey customers using the CareMonkey API, please note that we have now added the following API calls: added sync_sso_ids PATCH API request and added student_record_id GET API call.

For more on how CareMonkey’s documented API enables developers to build custom integrations, go here: CareMonkey API.

Single Sign On (SSO) Enhancements

3. SSO authentication improvements (Group Edition)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. We’ve updated the way CareMonkey’s SSO authentication process is implemented, allowing for easier set-up, ongoing management and a smoother user experience. For set-up details, go here: Using SSO with CareMonkey (Group Edition).

SSO Updates in CareMonkey
CareMonkey Firefly SSO Integration

4. Firefly SSO integration
(Group Edition)

SSO for Firefly Education is now available in CareMonkey. This will empower CareMonkey and Firefly users throughout your school community to move seamlessly between the two products, using the same login credentials. For set-up and configuration instructions, go here: Configuring CareMonkey Firefly SSO (Group Edition).

5. Linking CareMonkey with your school portal (Group Edition)

We’ve updated the way we enable SSO between CareMonkey and your school portal or website. This change will make it easier for you to manage SSO credentials for staff and student contacts.

To set-up SSO in the past, you imported a csv file containing staff and parent SSO credentials into CareMonkey, linking each person’s school portal and CareMonkey logins. Moving forward, we’ll automatically prompt parents and staff to link their CareMonkey and school portal accounts when they first log-in to CareMonkey.

This update means you will no longer have to manage the SSO credentials in CareMonkey. For set-up instructions, check out this article: Linking my CareMonkey user login with my school’s portal using SSO (Group Edition).

Staff Forms

User Interface Updates

6. Form Library Dashboard

We’ve introduced a new dashboard feature to the CareMonkey Form Library (Community and Group Editions).

This dashboard displays key information about your CareMonkey eForms at-a-glance.

Coloured panels give you a count of enablednot enabled and archived forms. Clicking on any of the displayed upcoming events takes you straight to the responses received for that event. And, a list of upcoming due dates for form responses helps you easily keep on top of what matters.

For more, go here: Form Library Dashboard (Community and Group Editions).

7. Approver names visible on Self-Service Forms pending approval

A small, but important, process-driven change:

When a self-service submission is pending approval, the name of the person or group responsible for approving the request is now visible.

This feature lets the submitter know who they are waiting on, and therefore who they might need to ‘nudge’, to get their form approved.

Approver Name Visible

Student Changes Report (Group Edition)

8. Student names added to
Student Change Report (Group Edition)

In our recent CareMonkey Advent Calendar, we highlighted the new Student Changes Report introduced in CareMonkey Group Edition (Community Edition users already have the ‘Profile Changes’ report).

Now, this report also includes student names as well as student IDs, enabling school administrators to update student records in their Student Information System with ease. For details, go here: How can I see changes that have been made to student record? (Group Edition).

Usability Improvements

9. Linked Accounts in CareMonkey

In the past, if you had more than one CareMonkey account, you had to log out of one account before logging into another. We’ve now made it simple and seamless to switch between your CareMonkey accounts on-the-fly: Introducing Linked Accounts.

Linked Accounts let you easily flip between accounts without logging in again — even if the accounts are with different schools. For step-by-step instructions, go here: Switch between accounts by using linked accounts.

CareMonkey Linked Accounts
Approve on Behalf Of Staff Member

10. Approve on behalf of staff member

This new feature can unblock your approval processes and workflows to keep things running smoothly. CareMonkey Administrators can now submit approvals on behalf of staff who might be absent or no longer at the school / organization.

Simply visit the Form Library and highlight the form you want, then select the Approve on their behalf link (under the Status column) to review, approve or reject the submission. For more info, view this post: Approve on behalf of staff member.

Merry Christmas, and happy New Year, from Team CareMonkey!

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