Synergetic Parent Contact Validation Option

We have an exciting new Parent Contact Validation option for schools using Synergetic, helping them keep parent and guardian emails, phone numbers and addresses up to date in Synergetic.

CareMonkey Profile Owners

  • Can review Synergetic addresses, emails and phone numbers for themselves and their partners (provided they are in the same SC group)
  • Are presented with possible errors in existing Synergetic data (eg. an invalid home address)
  • Can provide new data and request changes to existing data
  • Are provided with data entry validation tools such as pre-populating addresses, to ensure data is accurate
  • Are periodically requested to reconfirm/revalidate this data to ensure contact data in Synergetic remains accurate

CareMonkey Administrators

  • Can view student SC contacts in CareMonkey
  • Can view requested changes to parent/guardian data
  • Can export requested changes to Excel for further manipulation before loading into Synergetic
  • Can export the SQL statements to automatically update data in Synergetic
  • Can use CareMonkey’s API to manipulate change request data

Profile Owners View (Parents/Guardians)

For schools using this new option, there is a new ‘Parent/Guardian Contact’ section in Care Central for Profile Owners. When activated, this option allows the CareMonkey profile owner to see the Synergetic addresses, emails and phone numbers for themselves and their partners.

Note: the profile owner will only see contacts from the same SC group.

A ‘Confirmation Required’ message will be displayed (and reminders sent) at predetermined intervals requesting the profile owner to verify the data is correct in Synergetic.


After pressing the ‘View/Edit’ button on a contact, profile owners are presented with the details as per Synergetic. Possible errors will be highlighted in existing Synergetic data (eg. an invalid home address).

Users are able to edit and add new data, correcting errors and providing missing data.  At this point, these changes are only in the CareMonkey system (they are not added to Synergetic automatically).


Address Validation

Users can now enter an address in a ‘Start typing address:’ box and addresses will be found automatically.

Users can select the required address from a list and pre-populate the address fields with correct data.

Users are also presented with a map of the location to give them a further visual check that they have selected the correct address.


CareMonkey Administrators View

CareMonkey Administrators can now see the SC contacts for each student when viewing profile data.

You can see the contacts that will be visible and editable by the profile owner in the ‘Profile Owner can edit’ column.

You can also determine the last time the data was verified by the profile owner, by hovering over the contact name.


A new icon on the Admin Home Page takes Administrators to the Contact Edits Page.

On this page Administrators can:

  • View requested changes to data by profile owners
  • View the Community ID, tables and columns in Synergetic
  • Export the data into Excel, for all contacts, or for specific contacts. This enables further manipulation of data before importing into Synergetic
  • Download the SQL statements, for all contacts, or for specific contacts, so the data can be updated in Synergetic
  • Mark and sort changes as ‘Applied’ or ‘Unapplied’

IT Tools

SQL Statements for selected changes.

Note: It is recommended your Synergetic system administrator is responsible for applying SQL changes to the database.

CareMonkey SQL Statements

IT staff can also use the CareMonkey API to read change request data and programmatically update Synergetic.

* Note, the Synergetic Parent Contact Validation option must be purchased to become active. Please contact your account manager or if you’d like to discuss using this feature.