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New Synergetic Parent Contact Validation Option

Keep Synergetic parent/guardian contacts up to date.

We have an exciting new Parent Contact Validation option for schools using Synergetic, helping them keep parent and guardian emails, phone numbers and addresses up to date in Synergetic.

More details available HERE.

Address Validation

The return of Profile Colours

Last year, we made a change to profile colours that received some mixed feedback. So in our latest MasterClass webinar, we asked the Audience to tell us what they preferred, and 70% voted to bring back Full Colours. Now it’s easier to see which Members have, or don’t have Medical Forms, are managed locally, or are not receiving emails.  See poll results HERE.

Profile Colours

Group Tree Structure

The new group tree structure allows easier management for large number of groups.  It takes up less space so you can now see more eforms and staff carers. Groups can be sorted into a hierarchy with many levels of sub-groups with clear visual representation of the relationships between the groups as well as new icons indicating the type of group, i.e. manually created or automatically created via integration with your administration system.

Product Change Log

CareMonkey is a dynamic and evolving system. We’re always adding new features, making enhancements, and of course, fixing problems when they occur.  Has something changed? That button moved?  If you’ve missed our pop-up messages, emails, webinars or update videos and you’re having a ‘What the heck is going on here’ moment, just click the new ‘bell’ icon on the bottom left of the screen to see all product updates. Come back to this page regularly and check out ‘what’s changed’.

Product Change Log
New Administration Types

New Administrator Types

CareMonkey introduced a new feature allowing you to set permissions for administrators. Currently, we have implemented two roles being “Super” and “General”.

The Super administrator type allows for full access to all features and settings of CareMonkey.

The General administrator is restricted and cannot do any of the following:

  • Setting up or disconnecting payments through Stripe
  • Generating or viewing API keys
  • Creating or editing other administrators

We are keen to add additional types so get in touch and let us know what administrator permissions you would like for your organisation! Contact

Mobile App Update

Make sure your staff have downloaded the latest version of the CareMonkey App available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The updated app contains a number of improvements including;

  • Faster data loading speeds
  • Offline downloads now happen in the background even when the App is minimised and
  • An increased timeout limit allowing users longer to submit forms.
Mobile App
eForm Views

eForm Views

Managing a stack of eForms alphabetically is not always the fastest way to find the form you need. That’s why we’ve introduced eForm Views, which allow you to sort or filter your eForms by,

  • Alphabetical
  • Active eForms
  • Categories
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recently Used
  • and more….

New icon for partially responded eForms

To make things clearer we’ve added a new icon when viewing eForms to show those responses that are only “partial responses”.  These can occur, for example, if an administrator adds new questions to an eForm after responses have already been made.

More information can be found in our knowledge base HERE.

Partially responded eForm
View all eForm responses

View all member eForm Responses in one place

We introduced a new feature that allows an administrator to view all eForm responses of a student/member (including archived eForms) with one click. This gives you a single place for auditing purposes or to quickly find a particular response. The link can be found by clicking the three bars (hamburger icon) on the relevant member.

The report displayed will include absolutely all responses entered for that student. This includes;

  • Responses from archived eForms
  • Duplicated responses where an administrator has “reset” a response
  • Responses from excursions, custom and self-service eForms.

Automatically Archive eForms

You can now set eForms to automatically archive at a later date when designing your eForm, saving Admins the time of manually archiving them later. This option can be found in the eForms Settings page. More information HERE.

Automatically Archive eForms
Change notifications sent to multiple emails

Send notifications of eForm Responses and changes to ‘multiple’ emails

An eForm can now send multiple email notifications each time there is a response or a change to a response.  The emails don’t even have to have a CareMonkey account!  For example, send a notification to HR when a staff member submits a leave request self-service form. Just enter the email addresses, separated by a comma, and each of the corresponding email addresses will receive a notification any time there’s a response or a change to an eForm.  This lives under the ‘Settings’ section of all eForms.

Set Date Reminders

Managing expiry dates on eForms just got easier. Now you can use CareMonkey to collect expiry dates for Drivers Licenses and other Certificates, and CareMonkey will send reminders to the Members (or their parents) prior to the expiry date, ensuring you have the latest information. More information HERE.

Date Reminders
Mandatory Payments

Make Payments Mandatory

Due to popular demand, we have added the option to make eForm Payments mandatory. If payments are mandatory, then Members (or their parents) are required to make the payment to complete the form.

Action Plan Expiry Dates

We introduced another action plan related function – an Action Plan Expiry Date.  This feature enables automated reminders to prompt the Care Profile owner when the Action Plan is up for renewal.  You can read more about how this enhancement empowers you to automatically keep Action Plans up-to-date HERE.

Action Plan Expiry Dates
Action Plan Collection Options

More Action Plan Collection Options

Admins now have more flexibility on how to collect action plans. Previously, you had two options: ‘Action Plan is optional’ and ‘Action Plan is mandatory’.  Now, there is a third option: ‘Action Plan is required’.

By acknowledging that an Action Plan must be uploaded at a later date, this new collection option enables parents or carers to share emergency contacts and the medical form without the required Action Plan. Automated reminders will be sent to the user until the Action Plan is uploaded. This eliminates delays for your organisation receiving emergency contacts, and other medical details, due to an Action Plan not being available at the time the user is completing the medical form.

More information about these options can be found HERE.

New filters: Quickly find missing Action Plans

To complement the introduction of the third Action Plan Collection option, we have also released a set of new Action Plan filters.  These filters let you quickly search for and find Care Profiles with missing Action Plans and more.

Action Plan filter options include the ability to pinpoint Care Profiles with:

  • Missing Action Plans
  • Completed Action Plans
  • Action Plans without an expiry date
  • Action Plans expiring within 28 days
  • Expired Action Plans; and
  • Care Profiles by Action Plan type
Action Plan Filters

Have an enjoyable break and take care!

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