POLL: CareMonkey Member Colours

VOTE: New Member ColoursĀ 


In 2017, CareMonkey introduced Staff Forms, and part of that update included a new Colour Scheme for Member Profiles. Unfortunately, not everyone loved this change. Many customers told us the new colours were harder to see, and wanted the full member colours back.

Before making another change to our colours, we decided to ask our customers to make sure we were doing the right thing. We took a Poll during our latest CareMonkey MasterClass webinar. The results were conclusive, with almost 70% of the audience voting for the Full Member Colours to make a come back.

CareMonkey Member Colour Poll
CareMonkey Member Colour Poll

What happens next?

The tribe has spoken. We will soon be announcing that we are switching to Full Member Colours once again. Once we send that notification, the colours will be switched over within a week of the announcement.

CareMonkey MasterClass: August 2018

If you haven’t watched our latest CareMonkey MasterClass, you can watch it now.
To watch a recap of the Vote for Member Colours, skip to the 50 minute and 50 second mark.