CareMonkey MasterClass

CareMonkey MasterClass Recording: August 2018

Missed our latest CareMonkey MasterClass?
Well, don’t sweat it! We recorded the webinar for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Discover the benefits of CareMonkey’s latest product updates, and learn how to get the most from your CareMonkey experience with Staff Forms, Approval Workflows, and Self-Service Forms.

New Features Covered

  1. Product Change Tab (5:20)
  2. Mobile App Update (7:30)
  3. Faster Performance (8:55)
  4. Group Tree Structure (9:15)
  5. Automatically Archive eForms (10:17)
  6. Action Plan Reminders (11:10)
  7. More Action Collection Options (11:55)
  8. Action Plan Filters (12:50)
  9. Date Reminders (13:12)
  10. Mandatory Payments (14:10)
  11. Resubmit Rejected Self-Service Forms (14:50)
  12. Data Portability (16:30)
  13. Permanently Delete Members (18:20)
  14. Updated Terms and Policies (19:30)
  15. Updated Synergetic Sync Tool (20:40)
  16. eForm Views (COMING SOON) (21:30)


  1. Staff Forms (23:05)
  2. Self-Service Forms and Approvals (30:50)
  3. Product Change Log (49:50)

What else was covered?

  • Communicating Product Changes (1:05)
  • GDPR – Privacy and Security (16:03)
  • Revisit Member Colours (50:40)
  • Linking SchoolBox to CareMonkey (54:25)
  • 5 Million eForms Returned (55:20)

Webinar Poll: Your Preferred Member Colours

Last year, CareMonkey introduced a new colour scheme to improve the look of Staff Forms, and to correct some colour conflicts (watch webinar at 50min 40sec for more context).

These changes received a lot of mixed feedback. Some of you told us you loved it, but others told us you really hated it too. Your feedback is really important to us, so during the webinar, we took a poll asking …

Which CareMonkey Member colours do you prefer?

CareMonkey Member Colour Poll
CareMonkey Member Colour Poll

The results were conclusive. The audience preferred a full colour member design because the colours are easier to see.

  • 69.6%  preferred the full colour design
  • 19%  preferred the current colour scheme
  • 11.4%  don’t care

What happens next?
In the near future, we will change the Member Colours to be full again. We will notify you all before this happens so you have some warning about the change.


Need help learning CareMonkey?

You might want to start by watching our Admin Training Webinar.
Alternatively, start a Live Chat with our support team.

Learn more about CareMonkey and the GDPR

CareMonkey put in a tonne of work to get ready for the European Union’s GDPR.
To learn more, you can Download our Data Protection Impact Assessment and Watch our GDPR webinar, or read CareMonkey’s GDPR Commitment.

Updated Terms and Policies (effective May 25, 2018)

Visit our Terms and Policies section.

Helping Schools Fight the War on Waste

If you have been watching the ABC’s War on Waste, you will be please to know that we have now had more than 5 million eForms returned via the CareMonkey system.


If each eForm was only 1 sheet of paper each (most are more than one), then stacked on top of each other, it would now stand over 500 meters tall! That’s over half a kilometer high, and taller than most of the world’s tallest buildings. Now that is a sheet load of paper saved!

eForms are forms designed by our customers, so this number excludes the almost 1.4 million medical forms that have also been submitted by CareMonkey (which vary from 3-8 pages long).

We want to thank all our customers for helping us make a difference.