New Side-Bar and More Flexible Forms

CareMonkey has introduced new enhancements to make life easier for Administrators. Upgrades include a new Administrator interface, as well the flexibility to send eForms to people with no medical profiles, and the ability to Link Groups to an eForm.

Admin Side-Bar

The CareMonkey Administrator home page has a new modern design. Settings, Reports and Archives are now located in our new purple Side-Bar. The new design also saves you time switching between CareMonkey Administrator and Care Central.

CareMonkey Admin Side-Bar
CareMonkey Medical eForm

NEW Medical eForm
Send eForms to Anyone, no Medical Profile required

Medical information is now managed via a Medical eForm (which is optional). This means that CareMonkey can be used to send forms to staff without requiring a medical profile. Send eForms to staff to collect HR information, certifications, qualifications, and other forms requiring signatures.

Linked Groups

Linked Groups automatically add members to eForms as they are added to a Group. For example, send all of Grade 4 an Internet Usage Agreement eForm. Later, if a new student is added to Grade 4 they are instantly sent that eForm.

If you only wanted to send an eForm to existing members at that point in time, just manually Drag and Drop that Group.

CareMonkey eForms Linked to Groups

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