St Catherine’s School move old paper based processes online with CareMonkey

St Catherine’s School is a non-denominational Christian Girls School based in Toorak. The School has a strong reputation for academic excellence, a supportive community, an outstanding co-curricular program, exceptional teachers, fine facilities and established alumnae networks. St Catherines also has boarding available for rural and international students.

We sat down with St Catherine’s ICT Manager, John Toulantas to talk CareMonkey:

What do you love about CareMonkey?

“CareMonkey was originally introduced to the School by the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) which we have a long and successful association with. Seeing the benefits of a paperless online medical and electronic form system in operation, and how accepting our parents were of the system, it was an easy decision and natural progression to move our paper based processes online.

The immediate benefit for the School was having the most up-to-date medical profiles of our students. Rather than an annual ‘paper-based’ and laborious mail out process, we now have regular updates and changes acknowledged and confirmed by parents for each excursion / incursion or event attended to by our students. This critical information required to provide the best care of students is more reliable than ever.

The smart phone App saves on paper, weight and more importantly enables greater security to sensitive and personal student information. Access to medical profiles is controlled and managed with ease, protecting the privacy of our school community.

How do you use CareMonkey?

  • CareMonkey has replaced the Annual paper based mail out.
  • Give authorised carers instant access to important medical information and action plans in an emergency
  • Keep medical records up to date
  • Incident/injury reporting (we are starting to use this feature)
  • Roll calls (e.g. keeping track of people on excursions or field trips)
  • Group messaging
  • Collecting additional profile information

Has CareMonkey ever come to the rescue in an emergency?

Fortunately an emergency incident has not occurred which we are grateful for. However, through the use of the App we have been able to communicate more effectively with parents. For example; easier and quicker responses to online consent, carers or teachers are to SMS families when buses are delayed.”