Teaming with Insects and CareMonkey at Oregon State University

Virginia Bourdeau loves insects. Her passion started when she collected her first insect at a camp in High School. Today, Virginia shares her love of insects with others as a professor at Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences. Her course includes e-learning modules and travel camps to Hawaii where she uses CareMonkey to keep her students safer without carrying around all the paperwork.

Virginia with CareMonkey CEO Troy Westley
“CareMonkey is awesome at automating the many medical, permission and other consent forms required for travel camps. I love it!”
Virginia Bourdeau, Professor, Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Insects play an important role in our ecosystem such as pollinating plants and doing important scavenger work. Oregon State University’s 4-H Entomology project includes tutorials, quizzes and games. These can be used by teachers, parents and children for free.

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Quiz: Try the Insect Anatomy


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