Necker Great house view

Richard Branson, Necker Island and CareMonkey’s social mission

I’ve just returned from Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s family home in the Caribbean. It was a trip of a lifetime. For four days I was surrounded by intelligent, passionate and motivated people all together at this magical place for the Virgin Unite Igniting Change Leadership Gathering.

On the second day during a break I was overlooking a pond with several hundred pink flamingos and Richard came over for what I’d describe as a quiet chat. After discussing his passion for wildlife, especially endangered species, he started asking me about CareMonkey, how we’re going, what we were doing and what our social mission is.

troy joe gebbia cropped

I was already thinking about this because we’d just had a great session led by Joe Gebbia (pictured, on right), co-founder of Airbnb, and he’d challenged us with three questions:

1. What can you bring to the world?
2. Who can you reach?
3. How do you want to have impact?

I explained to Sir Richard, that right from the beginning we’d built CareMonkey as a free social care network for the world; to enable any family to use our platform to manage and share sensitive health and emergency contact data with trusted carers such as family and friends, babysitters, coaches, etc. However, we hadn’t been focussing on this in any of our marketing activities, not even educating our thousands of users of the capabilities of the system for family and personal use. I did feel a little uneasy admitting we’d spent all of our time on the revenue generating side of the business – particularly when I was at an event focussed on social good – but I was put at ease. Richard explained it was quite reasonable to get to profitability first, build a sustainable business and employ people.

We’re now in a great position to do our little bit for the world; in our own way, and our team is looking forward to that. CareMonkey helps people to be safer, and we can take Troy Mark JB Sam Neckeractions that not only increase our profits and sustainability but make a difference, for people in emergencies. To answer Joe’s questions, we’ve already built a multi-award winning free social care network for the world. We can reach everyone on the internet. We can make a tremendous impact in emergencies for people around the world, helping them save time and reduce the chances of medical errors, particularly in stressful situations when someone is badly injured or distressed…We just need to tell more people about it.

I’m home now, it was a brilliant trip with amazing people. I have a head full of new ideas and some new friends too, especially Mark and JB from Talent International and Samiya from Andiamo.

Take care, Troy