Make your asthma plan useful!

I was horrified when I accidently pulled our son’s asthma plan out of the filing cabinet. I’d been looking for something else but by mistake I had this important document in my hands.

It contained information that could save his life and here it was in the filing cabinet, inaccessible to everyone. I felt ashamed. Why hadn’t I made copies of this and given it to relatives, friends, teachers and coaches. They’re the the ones who might need it one day.

Given Asthma Australia research shows that only 18% of people know how to help someone if they are having an asthma attack, it’s stupid that I hadn’t  shared this sooner. It’s a risk I don’t need to take. After all, it describes quite clearly his symptoms and how to manage an asthma episode, including step by step instructions.

Perhaps your asthma plan, or the asthma plan of someone you love is buried in a filing cabinet somewhere too. Here’s what you can do:

1. Sign up for a free CareMonkey account here:

2. Create a care profile for the person with asthma (it’s easy!)

3. Scan their asthma plan and attach it to the care profile

4. Share the care profile with people you trust so they can view it on their smartphone, tablet or computer

Now they’ll know what to do in the case of an asthma attack…makes sense doesn’t it? Now your asthma plan is useful and you or your loved one is safer.

Take care,