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CareMonkey is a health and safety solution that automatically keeps medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care. It makes these important details instantly available to authorised carers on their mobile devices in an emergency…so they know who to call, what to do, or what to tell an ambulance paramedic. CareMonkey automates the permission and consent form process too and can collect any other custom information. It’s used by schools, universities, in sport, in HR, scouts, church and youth groups, the disability sector and camps.

Better than supervisors carrying paper documents with data on all the participants in a sports group or field trip group. The more this is a standard, the better.

It looks quick and easy to use…I have seen the old methods with groups and there is a great need for this approach, particularly in emergency situations. Having health and doctor data and contact buttons handy in an emergency is vital.

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple
I especially like the automated approach. It is excellent that CareMonkey is already being used in many Australian schools.

Parents and teachers have very busy schedules and this will help improve the overall time management system as well as keeping facts more accurate.

I would like to also see this in both doctor’s office and hospitals to help reduce the time to constantly write down all the facts that you may not necessarily remember on the day of the visit or emergency. It would further reduce mistakes with any noted allergies or medications that one might be taking as well.

Certainly one to watch.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

See how CareMonkey is used by families, teachers, club officials, first aid officers, service providers, scout and camp leaders and other trusted carers

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Forget about sending, chasing up and copying paper forms…forever!

CareMonkey replaces those annoying paper forms you’re using now. Medical, permission forms, consent forms, incident reports, any data, images, text and signatures you require…easily create eForms in CareMonkey and distribute them automatically. Users can respond on mobiles, tablets and PC’s…they’ll love you for it. Best of all – CareMonkey automatically follows up the people who are a bit slack replying…you know who they are 😉

Electronic notification

You can get your responses back in minutes, no joke! CareMonkey will automatically follow up those who don’t reply…so you don’t have to.

Users easily respond

Uses can quickly and easily respond on their mobile devices saving time and hassle, especially for parents who are tired of filling in your forms!

Capture signatures

Users sign with their finger on smartphones, tablets and trackpads…you can even use your mouse. Permission forms made easy!

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Incredible Features: Designed by You!

CareMonkey is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. CareMonkey users have always been our best source of new ideas.

Instant access to groups

Teachers, club officials, first aid officers and other authorised carers have instant access to the people they are responsible for.

Offline access

Access medical and emergency information, wherever you are. Encrypted data on your device ensures you’re ready even without the internet.

Call emergency contacts

You’re only one button away from dialling emergency and medical contacts. You’ll always know who to call.

Put data in the ‘vault’

CareMonkey includes an option for employees to hide their personal details unless it is a legitimate emergency. All views are audited and employees are notified with the reason why their data was accessed.

Emergency details

End user controlled emergency information. Parents, guardians, adults and employees own and are responsible for their own data and grant you access to view it.

Medical conditions

When a medical condition is present the user must provide more information. Risk level, symptoms, medications, care instructions, signed anaphylaxis and asthma action plans…all available at your fingertips.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • medical conditions

  • medications

  • insurance details

  • emergency contacts

  • medical contacts

  • student contact details

  • parent contact details

  • participant contact details

  • preferred asthma action plans

  • preferred anaphylaxis action plans

  • printable reports

  • add private notes

  • create custom groups

  • search people

  • search medical conditions

  • electronic permission forms

  • electronic signatures

  • custom eForms

  • collect attachments

  • request volunteers

  • automated reminders

  • group SMS messaging

  • group email messaging

  • mobile incident reporting

  • injury database

  • mobile offline access

  • easy set up

  • drag and drop interface

  • admin training included

  • support included

  • archiving – 7+ years

  • full audit trail

  • backed up hourly

  • sync data from Fox Sports Pulse

  • sync data from TidyClub

  • sync data from Synergetic

  • sync data from SAS2000

  • API access and custom integration

  • export data to Microsoft Excel

Free Updates & Support: When You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, CareMonkey constantly offers many free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customer base. When you buy CareMonkey, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 1 million users and counting, you cannot go wrong with CareMonkey. Check out what our users are saying about CareMonkey!

Yvette Porter, School Administrator, St Finbar’s Primary School gave us her account of a student emergency and the role CareMonkey played.

Last week on a Year 6 excursion to the Icehouse, a student hit his head on the ice and was unconscious for around 6-8 minutes. An ambulance was called to respond to the incident and when ambulance paramedics asked for his medical details, the teacher produced the CareMonkey App on her phone.

Ambulance personnel were thrilled and very impressed with CareMonkey. The ease of having all parent contact details, allergies, medical alerts, etc. made it so much easier for them to administer the correct care. When the student was transferred to the Royal Children’s Hospital, nurses were equally impressed.

“The CareMonkey App made the whole situation much less stressful as school staff could answer questions quickly and informatively, something that our old paper based system would never have been able to do. Thank you for such a user friendly, informative App. This system has been a game changer for me in the office and I cannot speak more highly of the product.”

“CareMonkey has been life changing, and I’m not exaggerating when I say life changing!”

“It has taken out all the anxiety of chasing up forms from parents. As a drama teacher, my class goes on numerous excursions. In the past, it drove me crazy to get responses from parents. With CareMonkey, it’s so easy! On one occasion, I forgot to tell parents in advance that the kids are going on a trip the coming Monday. I sent out the request on a Sunday and parents could easily respond and we were all set and ready to go for the trip!”

Catherine Dillon, Principal of Mount St Joseph Girls’ College in Altona, Victoria.

“CareMonkey is a significant development in managing workplace Health and Safety and gives me the confidence to know that the Health and Medical information of staff is at hand in case of an emergency.”
David Huxtable, Manager, Basketball Victoria Country
CareMonkey lines up with our strategy to reduce paperwork, ensure our health records are accurate, and provides team staff with the best possible care information. The system has been fantastic and I cannot talk more highly of it. Keep up the great work!
Graham Pryde, President , Langwarrin Junior Football Club
“The information we collect and store on CareMonkey forms their staff record, which helps us remain compliant within our industry as per regulation. Emergency contacts, qualifications, personal information and other relevant information about all staff can be collected and available via the app anytime, anywhere.”
Sam Hoath, Founder, Team Holiday
“We have been using CareMonkey for a year now and it has been amazing. It has drastically reduced the workload for administration staff and many parents have commented favourably on its ease of use and efficient way of communicating and collecting permission for excursions etc. We have made extremely good use of the survey type questions to gain valuable feedback from parents or to seek volunteers for events.

I have told many of my colleagues about CareMonkey with many taking it on in their schools.

We have had two occasions where ambulances were called to students outside the school at sport and the ambulance service was most impressed with the medical information provided in the app.”

Chris Burn, Deputy Principal Students, Star of the Sea College
“Because the teacher had my phone number in the CareMonkey App on her smartphone, she was talking to me seconds after the incident occurred. As shattering and frightening as it was, it meant I was part of what was unfolding and knew what they were doing with my son.

Because all our medical information was up to date, it also meant that by the time I got to hospital I could focus on Lachlan rather than getting stressed about insurance questions and medical details etc.”

Karlie Jackett-Simpson, Parent, St Finbars Primary School, Brighton
“I love the Caremonkey platform!

CareMonkey is the ultimate emergency medical management tool for schools, athletic clubs, and personal use. Parents can instantly update their child’s medical and contact information. Coaches can quickly complete, compile, report, track and share injuries.

Teachers can collect permission for field trips and sports excursions. Administrators are confident their staff and caregivers have the information they need on the go or in the classroom.”

Greg Sawatzky, K-8 Physical Education & Activities Coordinator, Dostyk American International School, Kazakhstan
“CareMonkey has been brilliant for our trips. We have many varied trips abroad and within the UK throughout the year. It is easy for parents to set up and manage their child’s profile. We can keep a record of passports against the profile. It has saved us on paperwork and it’s quick and effective for trip consents. Running reports is simple. Having offline access is perfect meaning staff have the information on hand wherever they are.”
Sally Yarnton, Senior Academic Administrator, Wellington College, United Kingdom

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