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Case Study:

Staten Island Technical High School

Reducing manpower by 75%

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CareMonkey Saves Time and Money

We’ll help you use every dollar and every minute possible on a student’s education, whether that be remotely or at the school. CareMonkey’s digital forms, approval workflows and online payments eliminate manual processes and paperwork headaches, saving precious time and money.

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Download Case Study

Go Paperless


Save Time


Save Money


Reduce Risk


Achieving Your Goals

Faster and easier Pre-Admissions forms

Eliminate all paper-based forms, with admissions and onboarding forms delivered straight to parent and staff phones.
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Simplified school trips and visits

Automated internal trip approvals, online parent consent forms, teacher app with offline medical data and more.
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Up to date and accessible health data

Emergency contact and medical data automatically kept up to date. Instant access to teachers in an emergency via secure mobile app.
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Going paperless and reducing costs

Digital mobile forms with automated reminders saving time and money…and trees. Collect signatures, images, documents, payments and more.
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A better way to manage and track incidents

Injuries, accidents, illnesses, behaviour…log incidents from staff mobile devices as they happen.
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Go cashless with online payments

Electronic payments for fees, trips and other purchases. Accept payments through online forms or your website.
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Streamlined communication

Forms, emails and SMS sent from a school or teacher mobile app.
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Manage extracurricular activities with ease

Manage teams, camps, bands, choirs, after school groups and more.
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What You’ll Save / What You’re Losing

The cost of processing school paperwork is enormous; it’s wasted time and wasted money. Paper, toner, printers, copiers, maintenance of printing equipment, stamps, envelopes, sorting, re-keying data, filing, archiving, calling parents regarding missing forms and information…etc!

CareMonkey’s automated processes take care of this work for you and free up staff time. What could you be saving? Try out the calculator below and imagine how that money could be better spent.

It makes sense to digitize – contact us now to discuss how your school can operate more efficiently.

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How We’ve Helped

See how Staten Island Technical School has saved time and resources using CareMonkey to automate all of their staff forms and workflows:

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Staten Island Technical CareMonkey Case Study Results

See how Elias Berstein Intermediate School 7 has automated onboarding and provided equity and access, increasing student and parent participation:

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Used By Thousands of Schools, Clubs and other Groups

Delight Parents and Staff

“We love CareMonkey. Paperless is the way to go.”
Andrew Butler, Principal, St Agnes Primary School - Highett
“10 times easier than the old system.”
Warwick Noles, Program Manager, Monash University
“It has simplified our lives!”
Annette Vine, Deputy Principal, St Jude's Catholic School
“CareMonkey automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!”
Dr Christopher Marczak, Superintendent , Maury County School District
“We have been using CareMonkey for a year now and it has been amazing.”
Chris Burn, Deputy Principal Students, Star of the Sea College
“I love the fact that I don’t have to chase parents up for permission notes.”
Sue Hendrie, Office Administrator, Berowra Christian Community School

Why Steve Wozniak love CareMonkey
“The more this is a standard the better.”
Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple
Why Richard Branson love CareMonkey
“Certainly one to watch.”
Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

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